Saturday, 17 January 2015

How to: Simple Potion Bottles

I'm gonna share with you here on how to make these cute little potion bottles. They are great as props for cosplay, especially for many MMORPG characters since many MMOs have potions. Otherwise, they make pretty cute decorations as well!

I made these for my Maple Story cosplay group.

Red potion and Blue potion

What you'll need:
1. Empty glass bottle

Any glass bottle works fine, in general. But I recycled these tiny bottles used to contain coloured contact lenses. We cosplayers have many of these and I use to just keep all of them in a corner cause they looked cute. I supposed most people throw theirs away? 
But now you can find a new use for them instead of throwing them away!

 2. Strips of EVA foam

Every single prop I make is either completely made out of EVA foam or parts of it will definitely be EVA foam. EVA foam is just incredible. <3

*PS: if you have corks, I guess that's an even better option. But if you don't, just use EVA foam like I did. EVA foam/craft foam can be found in many stationery shops/craft stores.

And here's how you make potions!
For standard coloured contacts bottle size, and using 2mm thick EVA foams, cut your strip into 2cm x 7cm pieces. 

Step #1:

Roll the strip of foam into a cylinder. Secure it with UHU or whatever glue you work with normally. For a smoother finish, heat the top and gentle press it a little.

Step #2:

Throw away the rubber cover. Clean your bottle. Make sure it is dry especially the inner surface. Using acrylic paint, colour the insides of the bottle with the desired colour. Allow it to dry. Hold it over the light to ensure that all surfaces are covered evenly. 

Step #3:

Paint your rolled up foam in a mixture of brown, or whatever shade you desire. This may take awhile to dry, so be patient. It is good to spray/cover it with clear lacquer after as the paint may peel of easily otherwise.

Step #4:

Assemble your potion bottle, and it's done!

My Maple Story cosplay group, where I cosplayed as Flame Wizard, Oz.

Nineheart: "As royal advisor, I propose that we reward Noblesses with a choice of either red and blue potion when they complete the quest."
Hawkeye: "I say we should give out both to the pretty ones." *cheeky smile*

For a list of tutorials I have on my blog so far, check this page out.

Friday, 16 January 2015

I dug up an old easter egg

Found this in my hard disk.

I made this back in February 2013, almost 2 years ago! This is about a really old easter egg in Torchlight II. I supposed everyone already know about it now. But eh, what the heck.

This video is supposed to be somewhat a guide and also part of my quest to collect all the Minecraft swords in Torchlight II but I never got around to finishing it.

If you play Torchlight II and you don't know about the Minecraft easter egg in the game, check out the video. XD

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Windranger & Death Prophet photos-dumping post

Professional photos of my Windranger & Death Prophet cosplays during CF 2014 that I have so far.

A great big thank you to all the photographers! :D

If you're interested to see more of me and my group's cosplay photos, go check out our official page D2MC on Facebook!