Monday, 24 November 2014

Bury me deeper next time.

Krobelus the Death Prophet - one of my favourite hero in Dota 2. Finally debuted my cosplay of her at S.O.X Fantasy Fest in KL yesterday.

I don't know whether it's the uncanny valley or what but I honestly think I looked freaky. I scared myself again in the morning yesterday when I put in the lenses. LOL.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out considering the fact that it is the first time I'm cosplaying this character, first time using body paint and first time wearing the entire costume + makeup. (I didn't do a full costest before this. Only tried the makeup and wig on. Wish I did though, then I would've realised how easily the paint peels off... )

So yeah, the body paint screwed up, pretty badly. It was chipping and peeling off whenever I move my mouth. I couldn't talk, couldn't smile without having my green skin cracking and falling off. Sorry to everyone who smiled at me but I couldn't really smile back. Please know that I am not mean and unfriendly! T-T

See? I'm friendly!
Also, paint around my mouth cracked after this photo.

The body paint made me feel like a snake shedding skin. The colour was too dark as well. Didn't expect it to turn out so dark. Cause initially when I tested it, I only applied one layer and I thought it looked fine. But the finishing was horribly uneven and the only way to even it out was to apply a few layers. But now that it's even, it's too dark. And it peels off.

Regardless of the set backs, it was fun! It was awesome to walk around with my friend who was cosplaying Bloodseeker, and later on meeting up with 2 other friends who were cosplaying Razor and Lanaya. Mommy got to field test her new Sony camera. XD

Some more photos from the event taken by my mom~

I like this. Wanted to use this as my Facebook profile picture but decided against it, in case I scare someone.

And a friend of mine who is an awesome prop-maker, made this super cool Battle fury! I know DP never builds Bf but, just ignore that fact for a moment, for the sake of how nice this photo looks, okay? XD

I actually had a great time at the event. But the venue was super hot. Wish it was more cooling! I think I must be the ugliest looking thing there that day. Hopefully I still look awesome while being ugly though. *Bitter laugh*

This cosplay means a lot to me because first of all, I love Death Prophet. Second, it's really different from all other cosplays I did before this - from the body paint to the make up to the personality of the character. I'm so used to smiling and laughing that I had a pretty hard time not smiling that day. This is also the most matured character I've ever cosplayed. And if I'm not mistaken, I think I'm the first to attempt Death Prophet cosplay in Malaysia. I hope I did a decent job. But I know I could do better. So I'm going shopping for new body paint this weekend. I hereby promise myself and everyone who support me that I'll do a better job at cosplaying DP for CF.

Thank you everyone who supported me and gave me advices, feedbacks and comments. Thank you, senpais for noticing me, and giving me positive comments and encouragement. It really means a lot to me and makes me want to improve and do even better. Arigatou! *bow*

Oh, and I met Ohaiyo. :D

*All photos in this post are taken by and belong to my mom.