Saturday, 12 September 2015

YOLO Penang Trip for CF Mini 2015

Hello~ It's been awhile. But I'm back!

Took a pretty YOLO trip to Penang last weekend with my friends. Second time this year going outstation for a cosplay event. Must say the entire trip felt super tiring but super epic as well, cause we D2MC pulled off some pretty YOLO shit (or at least in my opinion I think we did).

As usual, I prefer to let pictures do the story telling! XD

Day 1 of CF Mini
We did our mafia Dota 2 again, after our first debut during Animangaki. But this time round only 4 of us instead of the whole team. Got to see Grace's Luna cosplay though which was really nice!

Anti Mage gets the girls! XD

Photos by Clonix

We finally met Adrian too!

D2MC members fighting it out! <3

Day 2 of CF Mini
This is where we go all out and YOLO. Woke up really early in the morning to paint ourselves a totally different colour. Cause we debuted the 3 supports on that day.

Witch Doctor

Oh yeah, look at it go!

Attending an event is not complete till we take stupid pictures with our loved ones. <3
Behold, the girls of D2MC hahahahaha

Full team, ready to gank!

Photos by Razrig

Before heading home, met Aris and his friends so we ate chendol together :D

Okay, too lazy to say much so that's all~ Hopefully I will find the strength to update my blog more often. XD