Sunday, 15 January 2012



It's about 7cm tall as well.

Someone asked me to make a panda keychain for his girlfriend.

I googled for panda photos and determined where the black and whites are suppose to be, then designed, wrote patterns and customized the whole thing myself.

Eyes and nose are felt with embroidery(for eyes).

Entire panda completed in about 3 hours plus(including designing, etc).

I'm honestly really happy with this one. <3


Customized this for a customer.

It's about 7cm+ tall.

It's so cute I almost didn't want to sell it. HAHAHAHA.

Anyway, made this free hand by looking at a huge Rilakkuma plush brought over by the customer.

Character doesn't belong to me, it is a property of


Only the head. Got too lazy to make the super tiny body + extremely tiny legs. It's my own fault for always being lazy and trying to make everything small.

Mudkip from Pokemon!

Mudkip's broken head. LOL

As you can see, the sides are a bit cacat.

Made free hand. But of course, character belongs to Pokemon, Nintendo.

This head is now a charm hanging on my brother's PSP. Yayyyyy


Japanese Rice Ball
handphone charm

Very small, very cute. I almost took a bite out of it after finishing it. XD

Again, free hand. I don't even remember how many stitches I used for this one... =.=

Love in the Air

Valentine's Day is approaching!

Made these lustrous hearts free hand. They're puffy and squishyyyy.


Angry Birds

Not an Angry Birds fan myself but decided to attempt to make the red one since it seemed simple.
Super tiny Angry Bird keychain. Sold.

Huge(comparatively) Angry Bird plush, which I have now attached a key ring to.

Little Felt Items

(Very) Simple Orange elephant. Lol.

Teddy finger puppet. Placed in stall to sell. But stolen by my brother today(with permission). XD

Little Pink Cupcake felt handphone charm.

As usual, semua ni original+free hand unless stated otherwise. =P

Mini Pink Octo

Mini Pink Octo. (mini cuz the height is about half of my thumb. =P)

Made free hand. Sold as a handphone charm. =D

Friday, 6 January 2012

I love fish.

A kitty biting onto a little fish.

Original design. Made of felt.

Took my mom and brother awhile to see that it's actually a cat with a fish. Sad. I failed.

Still, I'm happy. Because this is my rewards to myself for covering all chapters for tomorrow's paper(Finally. It's about time you did something about your exams.)

Now it's time to go to sleep. So that tomorrow I could try and do some more revision before the paper.

I'm not expecting A's cause I know I'm not prepared. I know I havent been doing enough. I literally started actually studying only yesterday. I've been messing around, wasting time the rest of the week.
(Ya know, actually I wouldn't call it wasting time since I came up with Marshmallow Boar and Niie.)


Oh well, I just wanna get it over and done with. Then I can indulge in my crafts for a month before starting the boring process of studying all over again.

And I wanna highlight my hair blue. Come to think of it, I'll be considering green as well. Or maybe somewhere in between, a colour where at some angles will look blue and at some other angles, it will look green.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Me, Niie.

I love myself so much that I made myself.

An interview with myself.

1. Wait, Shaunie doesn't have blue highlights. ?!?!
Answer : Gonna go get it soon. During my sem break. Muahahaha.

2. Shaunie doesn't own a green skull cap, does not own a white tube dress nor does she have a green sling bag.
Answer : ...... I own them in my imagination.

3. This doll is really cute. Are you sure it's really Shaunie? I don't think so.
Answer : (I'm so hyper that I just insulted myself.) But yeah, what the question says. I'm not this cute.

Shaunie, you're so lame.

Anyway, this doll's official name is Niie. Whole doll is made free hand with no reference to anywhere.


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Marshmallow Boar

I wanted to make a cat. But I failed cause I got the ears wrong. I thought it looks very much like a weird mouse-cat-hybrid-monster-thingy.

Must be the whiskers being too rat-like. So I took them off. Then, I asked Marcus if it looks like a cat to him. 'No. This time you fei kei.' LOL

Then I thought it must be the weirdly shaped ears- too long, not pointy enough like a cat's ears. So I decided to remove the ears and make new ones in a different style. I showed Marcus and asked him again what it looks like and he said 'a pink creature.' LOL. That's how much of a failure I am.

I wasn't about to give up just yet. So once again, I took the trouble to remove the ears and make new ones in another different manner. When I attached them to the body, guess what it looked like?

'Dog.' Marcus said.

Then I was like 'Ah, screw it. If it looks like a dog then it's a dog la.' Because I did it so many times that I actually forgot how many times exactly I took out the eye and nose embroidery, and how many times I remove and remake the ears.

It looks like a dog now. A weird and not very cute dog for that matter. No, no, no one's gonna actually think this is cute. This is rather horrible.

I removed the nose and mouth, leaving it with 2 black round eyes. Looks better now, sort of.

Don't want the old ears to go to waste. (Heck, I'm not sure if those can be considered ears. Don't know what sort of animal has ears like those.) I tried putting them under the body. Hoho! Legs!

I shall make a dog with four legs. Not like that's any special. But wait...

Thing is, I wanted to make a pink coloured sleeping cat. Thus the pink yarn.

So pink...


I proceeded to make 2 more 'weird-unidentified-animal-ear', which is now the legs for my new creation.

It stands! Brilliant. Then I made nose and a swirly tail for it.

And it looks so darn adorable. I showed it to Marcus and he said, 'Wow, nice come back.'

I'm so freaking proud of it right now.

Named it Marshmallow Boar, as suggested by my mom. More will be coming cause this fella here is cute and it somewhat has a story (of being changed into different animals) behind its existence.

Hence a new series is born! I call it "Little Piggie Boo's". Everyone, especially for those of you who loves pigs, stay tuned for more are coming!