Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Miku and Neru visits KL!

Late update on my 3rd outdoor photoshoot!

I was invited by Tanaka Photography to cosplay as Akita Neru along with Airi as Hatsune Miku. Had a great time during this shoot, really enjoyed working with everyone. You guys are super nice and I'm really honored to be able to do a collab with you all. Thanks for the wonderful experience. :D

Oh, and I'm glad that I got to see that part of Ampang too! Never knew Ampang looked so beautiful, especially at night.

So, Miku and Neru's outing in KL!

Photo credits: EXE.cute Photography

Photo credits: Tanaka Photography

 Photo credits: Aki the Photobug

Just some of the photos from the shoot. Lots more to come~

The more I cosplay Neru, the deeper I fall in love with her. I don't know why I like her so much. OwO

Coswalk competition this Sunday as Akita Neru, again~

I'm thinking of posting up some guides on props/wig soon. Stay tuned! I wonder if anyone ever reads my blog...

Thursday, 25 September 2014

How to: CBTL Coffee Maker Machine

My friend's friend got this family suite in Empire Hotel, all paid for by her company, and she's out doing sales most of the time so we went to her family suite to jakun around.

So there was this really cool coffee maker around. And I decided to take pics of how it works as I prepared coffee. Here's a guide by me showing you how to use the CBTL Coffee Maker!

Step 1: Pull up the handle

Step 2: Insert coffee of choice. You don't need to tear open the seal, just insert the whole thing.

Step 3: Press down the handle firmly to lock it in place.

Step 4: Check water jug

Step 5: Remove to add water and fit it back in if the water level is low

Step 6: Place your cup under the dispenser

Step 7: Select based on your cup size. The example shown here is medium-sized cup

Step 8: The magic happens!

Step 9: Look at that. Take a whiff of that aroma.

Step 10: Done!

And nope, Coffee Bean did not pay me or give me free coffee to do this. And I'm actually more of a Starbucks fan. I don't normally go to Coffee Bean. This is all just random fun since this machine is so cool. XD

Monday, 22 September 2014

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Calm down. Remember it's just a game.

A few nights ago, I realised (again) that Dota 2 has made me lose sight of my priorities. During the game, I got a call from my boyfriend and I couldn't pay attention to the call. My entire concentration was on the match, and half the time I answered without really thinking or listening to the full sentence he said. I can't even remember whether I said 'I love you' back. Now why is this such a big deal? We're both busy most of the time and we don't get to see each other often. It's pretty hard to find a time where both of us are free simultaneously, so these chances become very precious to me. But even so, I allowed it to slip by, for Dota. And we didn't even win.

Sometime in the middle of one of the matches that night, my mom called out to me and I must have sounded annoyed when I answered. My dog, Mystie was emo and I ignored that fact and continued playing. Mystie came into my room later on her own, lie down in her bed and stared at me quietly. I neglected her the whole night and was unaware that she was bored and probably lonely.

Apart from that, this semester marks the beginning of my final year and hence I am supposed to work on my proposal for my final year project. Yet I spent the entire night playing Dota, responsibilities untouched.

I lost sight of my priorities, we lost the game, and the tension was high as there were those who couldn't keep their cool and lashed out at other people. After everything I asked myself, was it worth it? Nope.

Every Dota 2 player who has played the game long enough knows that this game is damn capable of making one lose self confidence. I, myself am a very good example. I start feeling incompetent like a total fool and scold myself for every small little mistake that I make.

And on top of blaming oneself, Dota 2 players blame each other too. I use to do this a lot but have stopped doing this since (about a year ago I think?) after I went on my first losing streak. That was when I started realizing that team morale affects a lot. And we need to stop raging.

Then again, sometimes I understand that people just couldn't control themselves. Because there really are trolls and retards out there.

Spectre was our MVP, obviously.
We would have won if only he had taken his 3rd boots of speed and 2nd stout shield from his stash.

But! We could all learn to take a chill pill and not be too quick to lash out at others. Heck, maybe they are really new or naturally stupid. So, why not give them the benefit of the doubt?

Anyway, people still blame each other all the time. I won't deny that I sometimes still end up putting the blame on someone who screwed up the game, even though I didn't do very well myself. Of course, we are free to judge, to think, but perhaps we should stop feeling like we are entitled to scold them and shove it in their face. Everybody has their share of bad days.

With blaming comes raging. Dota 2 has the ability to turn people into the rudest, and harshest monsters ever. Look at the way everyone swears in game. Myself included.

But with all that's said and done, I can't keep my hands off the game just yet.

Well. I'll just live by that particular quote on that loading screen, perhaps every dota player should too.

Take a chill pill, and calm the fuck down. At the end of the day, it really is, just a game.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sword Art Online Photoshoot

Went for a photoshoot for Sword Art Online (SAO) today at Bukit Jalil Park. This is my second outdoor photoshoot and I'm super happy that everyone had fun (since I was the organizer :P ). A big thank you to everyone who went today, including all the cosplayers, photographers, and supportive parents! :D

Here are some random un-processed photos from the shooting session.

A selfie before shooting~

From my mommy's phone

Selfies with the cast. lol XD

Lisbeth teasing Asuna about Kirito. Hahaha.

If Lisbeth had long brown hair...

Today was awesome~ *Happy*

Friday, 5 September 2014

When Will My Life Begin?

Finally, after god knows how long, I've finally uploaded my first song cover.

Have always loved this song. Heck I like most Disney songs. I'm a kid, okay? Don't judge.

Anyway here it is. Sorry for the 'bzzbbzbz' noise in the background. It's recorded using a cheap mic and window's sound recorder. And I don't know how to edit these things so... pardon me for the noob quality lol. Also, I'm using my dog's photo cause it looks like some damn pro album cover. Hahaha.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Akita Neru

Despite the fact that I should not add any more new cosplans, I just added a new one last night and I feel like slapping myself for it but what the heck it was too hard to resist.

So a friend of mine asked me if I'd be interested in cosplaying Sandplay version Neru. I didn't know Neru had a Sandplay outfit since she's a Boukaloid and well, google never came up with anything before this unless you search in mandarin... but upon seeing the picture, I was instantly awestruck.

This is what we would have if we manage to gather a complete group. Look at the awesomeness. How could I not?!

Anyway, just for keepsakes purposes, I'm compiling some of Neru's outfits in this post, cause she's my fav vocaloid boukaloid!

#1 | Default

My cosplay of Akita Neru in her default outfit. With my cousin sister as Kagamine Rin.

#2 | Sandplay

#3 | Racing

#4 | Camellia (I'd like to cosplay this version some time in the future if possible)

#5 | Magnet

#6 | Meltdown

#7 | Append

#8 | Swim wear

#9 | Yukata/Kimono

#10 | Cheongsam

and finally (not an outfit).........

Nendoroid Neruuuu <3 (I need one!!)

*Pictures are taken from around the web so they belong to their respective owners!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Thank you!

As of last friday, 29th August, my industrial training has come to an end. I'll be returning to class next week to begin my 4th and final year of my studies.

When I first began my industrial training, I expected heavy work loads, having to behave myself and be on my toes and whatnot. I honestly did not expect to end up enjoying this working experience so much.

Of course, these great memories would not have been possible if it wasn't for my wonderful colleagues, who welcomed me into their group, who treated me as a part of them, who took good care of me when I was still new to the environment, who gave me time to slowly open up to them, who were super nice to me and made me feel welcomed.

I have learned so much not only in terms of scientific knowledge but also gained such valuable experience being in an actual working environment, where I had the chance to witness for myself how an office works, how to deal with customers, so on and so forth.

On my last day, I gave a final presentation. I feel that the gratefulness I truly felt was not able to be expressed by mere words and the countless 'thank you's that I couldn't help but say. My colleagues bought some cake, treat me to lunch and went for karaoke with me, as my farewell. I'm touched to the core.

Don't know what else to say. Mere words could not describe how I feel. So, some pictures!

The cutest girl in our department!

My supervisors who guided me throughout the training period. Thanks for everything!

Most of the life science department.

You guys are awesome.