Thursday, 25 September 2014

How to: CBTL Coffee Maker Machine

My friend's friend got this family suite in Empire Hotel, all paid for by her company, and she's out doing sales most of the time so we went to her family suite to jakun around.

So there was this really cool coffee maker around. And I decided to take pics of how it works as I prepared coffee. Here's a guide by me showing you how to use the CBTL Coffee Maker!

Step 1: Pull up the handle

Step 2: Insert coffee of choice. You don't need to tear open the seal, just insert the whole thing.

Step 3: Press down the handle firmly to lock it in place.

Step 4: Check water jug

Step 5: Remove to add water and fit it back in if the water level is low

Step 6: Place your cup under the dispenser

Step 7: Select based on your cup size. The example shown here is medium-sized cup

Step 8: The magic happens!

Step 9: Look at that. Take a whiff of that aroma.

Step 10: Done!

And nope, Coffee Bean did not pay me or give me free coffee to do this. And I'm actually more of a Starbucks fan. I don't normally go to Coffee Bean. This is all just random fun since this machine is so cool. XD

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