Sunday, 30 October 2011

Famous Amos Rip-offs. LOL

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Strawberry Chip Cookies.

Yesterday's Red Velvet Cupcakes project weren't enough for me. That didn't satisfy me, apparently. So today I did something much simpler - cookies! and of course, these are not Famous Amos cookies (God, why would anyone think that? Hahahahaha. Ignore me.). I wish they were as good and famous as famous amos though. LOLOL.

Strawberry Chip Cookie

Anyway, they are good. I love the texture. Love how it turned out. The chocolate chip ones are less crunchy, with a little bit of softness left in them - how I love my cookies to be. As for the strawberry chip ones, they're completely crunchy and somewhat sweeter.

Chocolate Chip Cookies. <3

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Baking satisfies me. <3

Chef John's Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Instead of cream cheese, I made buttercream frostings. (Note to self: Get hold of some cream cheese or find time to make some next time.) Those brown stuff on top are cocoa powder. Anyway, this gave me an idea. I could dust coffee powder on cupcakes next time.

Tasted nice(its sweet!).
Texture's right(slightly moist compared to normal cupcakes. And I personally like the slightly crunchy-get-stuck-in-your-teeth crust. Don't know if it's suppose to be like that,  but I like how it turned out. hehe).
Colour's right, according to the recipe and other references (But a little too much food colouring if you ask me).

Need more time to bake, dammit.

Was just thinking... wouldn't it be rather awesome to own a bakery? =)