Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bubbling Doll




3x smaller than the Green Slime I made.

My cousin sister saw the Green Slime amigurumi I made earlier and requested for a Bubbling.

So here it is, completely original(except that Bubbling is owned by MapleStory). It's about 3 times smaller than the Green Slime previuosly.

I added and decreased the stitches as I went along so there aren't any specific pattern. You could say its completely done free-hand.

OwO <-- Bubbling's expression!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Green Slime!

I'm lifeless and pathetic.

Because I'm supposed to be studying but what am I doing? Making amigurumis. Non-stop.

Here's Green Slime from Maple Story.
Referred to a pattern by Rabbiz and made some changes here and there myself. Still, credits to Rabbiz!

Quit Maple Story quiet some time ago. Don't plan to ever play again. But heck the monsters are still rather cute to me. F3

Hahahaha those were the days.

*** Check out my original version of Green Slime with no reference to other sources/patterns.

Guilty. More Loco Rocos!

I couldn't resist.

Two more Loco Rocos. Slightly bigger and more proportionate than the first one.

I wanna make something else now but this is so simple and so irrisistably cute, I think I'm probably gonna make a few more...

I've never felt so guilty.


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Loco Roco!

Got this game on my PSP and I couldn't get my hands off it! These jelly-like characters that bounces around as you tilt their (very colourful) world to navigate them, saving the LocoRoco world from Moja Troops, is just simply irrisistable!

Loco Roco has already been released in 2006 while the sequel, Loco Roco 2 was released a few years back. But (yes, I'm slow and outdated) I just got to know about this awesomeness, and am now completely hooked.

Can't get enough of their cuteness. Therefore, I have decided that I should make my very own Loco Roco that I could either sleep with (Goodness, I still act like a kid. Well, no surprise there.) or carry around (I never grew up, did I?).

And here it is, at close to 4am in the morning, it is completed. My very own Loco Roco that I will proudly show off to the world when I wake up later.

Why show off this Loco Roco when it's no where the original one? Because I did everything without measurement/guidance/planning before hand. It's all approximation and 'agak-agak'.

Yet, it's still recognisable as a LocoRoco. So yay, something to be proud of there!

So darn cute.