Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Maple Story Green Slime

Green Slime

Yeap, this guy's been here before, back in 2011.

The older version was made with reference to a crocheter known as Rabbiz. I followed her pattern for the main body of the slime; and then the slime bubble, the eyes and mouth were of my own style. Still, the credits for that old slime goes to Rabbiz, as at that time, I wouldnt have been able to write my own pattern (for something so simple even). Yes, I was a complete noob back then.

As I'm selling my amigurumis now, I think it's only ethical if I sell only my original works. So, I got to writing my own pattern for Green Slime!

And because I am a very nice person(*coughs*), I am going to share the pattern with you!

1: sc 4 into a Magic Ring [3]
2: inc all around [6]
3: (sc, inc) x 3 [9]
4: (sc 2, inc) x3 [12]
5: (sc, inc) x 6 [18]
6: (sc 2, inc) x 6 [24]
7~11: sc all around [24]
12: (sc 2, dec) x 6 [18]
13: (sc, dec) x 6 [12]
14: dec all around [6]

1: sc 6 into Magic Ring
2: inc all around [12]
3: sc all around [12]
4: dec all around [6]

String (attaching body and bubble)
ch 25 and leave a long tail for sewing/attaching

Eyes and Mouth
Black felt: Cut 2 circles (for the eyes) and a number 3(for the mouth)
Yellow felt: Cut 2 crosses (for the eyes)
You can either sew or stick them on with UHU Glue/ Hot Glue Gun.

Green Slime character disclaimer: Green slime belongs to Maple Story/Nexon.

Green Slime pattern copyrighted by Shaunie Ng (CatnipNie)
If anyone wants to repost/use the pattern, please do remember to credit me. =) Also, the patterns are for personal use only(eg. for yourself, family or gift for a friend). Please do not sell this pattern or items made from this pattern without my permission!

Have fun trying and happy crocheting! Yay!


  1. I've tried this as my second pattern and unfortunately I've wound up with a slime that's far too long and has an almost cylindrical body... do you really need to SC around from 7-12? I've spent about 3/4 hours on this and I'm just going to have to start over :( It's my second ever attempt at crocheting though and I'm awful at keeping count so I'm just hoping I've done too many rounds

    1. Hi! Sorry, took me a while to get back to you. Hmm that's weird.. the sc all around from the 7th-11th round is suppose to create the main body part of the slime(the fat part..). and as you decrease it will gradually round up and look normal. If it really looks too long for you, you can try reducing 2 rounds or so.. One way to keep the stitch count right is by using a marker or just multiply and sum up the total number of stitches. for example if you were to crochet 5 rounds of sc around (24), you could count it as 5x24. Which means you can just tell yourself that you need to single crochet 120 times before you move on to the next step. Hope this helps! And thanks for using my pattern! :D