Sunday, 22 July 2012

Blog revamp

Yes, I’m too free.

Semester breaks are meant for bored university students to do all sorts of lifeless shit anyways. Or so, I assume.

Anyway, quite happy with what I’ve done to my blog. Feels so much more personalized and ‘myself’ now. It’s that feeling, that need for making the page ‘our own’. A feeling that all bloggers could understand, I supposed.

I must say, mine isn’t half as good as what my friend did on her blog. Blame it on my willing heart and lazy physique (is this word even correctly used?) + lack of determination.

Anyway, the major changes:


New header! Honestly, this is my favourite part cause I drew everything personally. Check out the Bulbasaur and M&Ms.


Instead of the default ‘About Me’ section, I have decided that all people need to see is a picture of me imagining myself as a human.

Yes, I’m finally admitting to the world that I am actually a cat.


Made a new favicon, featuring a brown cat, me.


This is roughly how it looks now, as a whole. As you can see around you, obviously. Why do I even bother including a picture of this. Funny.


Changed my Facebook timeline cover as well.

I’m happy. =)


  1. Nice enough! We both like these crafty-scribbling-doodling type of layout hehehe. and i totally agree "It’s that feeling, that need for making the page ‘our own’." :D Keep it up!!

    1. hehehe we're artistic at heart. =P alright thanks!! <3