Sunday, 31 July 2011

Jar of Love Notes

Made this as a Valentine's (6 months ago.) present for my boyfriend.

Made with:
* Old jam jar
* White paper to go over the hideous cover.
* Brown shiny-see-through cloth to cover the cover which has been covered by a layer of paper. O.o
* Sparkly rope (to form that heart shape on the cover)
* Paper for card
* Dry leaves picked from a park which I forgot which and when
* Strings of paper.. (to make it seem as if the insides are stuffed. Also known as cheating. Joking.)
* Lots of random notes (inside the bottle)
* Leaf shaped beads
* Strings, shiny ones preferred. Hahaha...

Good night.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

First-attempt Cupcakes!

I don't usually bake. Very rarely, actually.

So, the other day I saw this picture posted by a friend on facebook. It was a picture of 2 Xbox themed cupcakes! They were beautiful and I had a sudden urge to try making cupcakes too!

So I went straight into it. Starts off with me googling for a simple cupcake recipe. And then a simple icing recipe.

The next day = shopping day! I bought all the ingredients needed and baked the cupcakes that day itself.

They tasted awesome, no joke. Family loves it, especially my brother who has a sweet tooth. Boyfriend loves it. I LOVE IT!

They don't look much though. I didn't have the proper equipments to do proper, decent decorations. So I cut a hole in plastics and squeezed icing from it. Improvise, yo. =)

Made with:
* Butter and sugar. Unhealthy.
* Flour. Duh.
* Eggsss
* Vanilla essence
* Other things you need to bake a cake. =.= I got lazy, okay?
* Icing (which is made up of: butter, milk and icing sugar.)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Strawberry cream puff ♥

A strawberry cream puff plushie made for my boyfriend. He loves it of course. =)

I took the idea from a craft book. So, this isn't mine.
Don't sue me, owner of this pattern, whoever you are.

Made with:
* Felt cloth (light brown and pink)
* Coloured beads (for sprinkles! yay!)

Monday, 25 July 2011

AisKrim Potong. Durian Flavoured.

Okay, its not really AisKrim Potong la. It looks nothing like it.
But it is, an ice cream. I made this don't-know-how-long ago, for I-forgot-what reason. I think, I think, it was for my brother, for Christmas or something.. Yellow is his favourite colour.

So yea, here's a cute little ice cream pop!

Made with:
* Felt cloth (for the body, the eyes, the mouth, pretty much everything.)
* Ice cream stick. (really, you can get these in craft shops, I think. But I got mine from a real ice cream. I ate the ice cream and hence extracted the wooden stick.)