Thursday, 16 August 2012

Vhiskey ♥

Baby Vhiskey. <3 =')

Made this for my brother. In honour of our deceased pet cat, Vhiskey.

Jeremy clearly misses her. I can see how much he treasured this Siamese cat amigurumi and how he mentions Vhiskey’s name with love and full of affection.

She's so full of love.

Damn Vhiskey, the world misses you.

I miss her. So does everyone else…

She was a beautiful girl. She may have passed on but she will never be forgotten.

Nothing can ever take her place in our hearts.

Pattern's completely original, by the way.

Will share it for free once I have enough time to type out everything properly.


Thursday, 9 August 2012


Pocoyo (Pocoyó in Spanish) is a Spanish pre-school animated television series created by Guillermo García Carsí, Luis Gallego and David Cantolla, and is a co-production between Spanish producer Zinkia Entertainment, Cosgrove-Hall Films and Granada International.

source: Wikipedia

And here, is an amigurumi version of this little guy!

Again, the pattern is completely original.
Of course, the character belongs to it’s creators, not me(disclaimer).

If you are a fellow crocheter and find this pattern interesting, you can buy it through my Etsy shop by following this link.

Gracias! =)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Cody from Super Street Fighter IV

Mr. Buff Man

I didn’t think much of him at first but as I progress with my work and continuously Google him for 4 consecutive days to get the details right, I realised that he’s actually really good looking. He looks pretty sexy to me.

Cody Travers.

4 days of hard work. I didn’t even take that long with Ryu.

The pattern for Cody was heavily modified based on Ryu’s pattern. So basically, except his head, the rest are all newly written.
A sketch of Cody in doll form before I start work. The numbers at the bottom are part of the stitches I was planning for Cody’s pattern.

I wanted to follow Ryu’s pattern but realised I need to rewrite the stitches and add in hands and feet parts separately to accommodate for the extra details.

Headless Horseman Cody.

Now, the part I’ve been waiting to complain about.

God. His hair itself took me more than 4 freaking hours.

The hair for amigurumi dolls are the most troublesome and scariest part to make.

First of all, you have to line the yarn on a piece of freaking cardboard then stich them together strand by strand. Then you transfer the whole entire fragile patch of hair onto the head and position it in place before stitching it down.

And after all these trouble, your doll actually looks like a lion.
‘Rawr. I is lion.’

Or a weird flower, or octopus, or something.. I don’t know.

Why do I say the hair is the scariest part? Because you have to style it. And if you make a wrong snip, you can get ready to remake your entire head if it’s severe. If it’s not, repeat hair-making process above(nightmare!).

Cutting a doll’s hair can be pressurising too!

I snipped off the unruly ends and reduced the length of some strands to shape the hair so that it will look like Cody, and not some homeless beggar who could not afford a proper haircut.

So anyway, to mimic his actual hairstyle which isn’t spiked up, I had to sprinkle water onto his hair and wet it slightly before blowing it dry and styling it with a hairdryer.

Yes, I’m not joking.

Look at that handsome little head.

And after all that, finally I can stitch his head onto his body.

Add the final details: white yarn as bandage on arm, 2 metal rings and a chain to make handcuffs, and done!


I don't need a reason, I just like to fight. - Cody, SFFIV

Catnip Polls: Results!

poll 1

Clear as day, my blog is a sad, sad place. (6 votes only. WTF seriously.)

Anyway. =)

A big hug and thank you to those who bothered to vote on this miserable poll on my miserable blog. (Will spice it up soon, promise.)

Results show that my brother has won himself a packet of M&Ms, by doing nothing. Yay.

Jeremy with his M&Ms.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Feed with Candy.

So a parcel came for me a few days back. It was a square box, tied up messily with a thin rope with a bow at the top. At the side, there was a handwritten sign that says ‘Feed with Candy’, taped carelessly onto the box just above the fragile and ‘this way up’ sign. What surprised me even more was the fact that there was a round hole cut out of the cardboard box. When I took a closer look, the cutest pair of big round eyes stared back at me.

Look what popped out of the box.

And it wants candy!

I wish.

I really, seriously wish. I so want an Om Nom as a pet, if they were real, that is. See the unfortunate thing is, Om Nom is only virtual. Om Nom is this cute little candy-loving green monster from Cut The Rope, a game developed by ZeptoLab in 2010 and published by Chillingo. It’s available for iOS, Android OS and several other platforms including Blackberry PlayBook and Mac OS X. What I didnt know and just found out was that it is available at this site too!

This video, made my brain all mushy and filled with this green cuteness for a long time.

It’s really sad that Om Nom does not exist. I want one so bad.

Yes, I know it’s childish of me but I’m being really honest here. I love Om Nom. He’s too cute!

So, I’ve gone to desperate measures and decided to make an Om Nom.

And now I have my very own cute candy-loving monster! Little Om Nom now sits on my pillow. Yes, right this moment, he is sitting on my pillow. =)

Here’s a photo of him I took upon completion of my Om-Nom-making Project.
Ohhh isn’t he the sweetest little monster ever? ♥

Love him? PM me on facebook for more info on how you can bring Om Nom home!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Headphones Jack Holes are for…

most of the time they are for headphones, (duh.) but recently, something else has been granted permission to penetrate those holes(LOLOL sounds so dirty~).


Headphone jack studs/plugs/dust stoppers. It’s a new trend where on phones’ headphone jack holes, people put decorations instead of their headphones.


I would say, personally I think this is actually quite a practical trend. For people who don’t listen to music much or use their hands-free while driving, these plugs keep dust from accumulating inside the holes, and helps maintain the hardware in good condition for one of those days when you suddenly feel like listening to music through your headphones again, it wont be filled up to the brim with dusts and will stay as sensitive as when it was new.

These guys could save the world your phone.


But then, I think the main reason for most of us to use headphone jack studs/plugs is for how nice it looks on our phone. Not exactly for the actual practical purpose, I know. I know myself… *guilty*


And as usual, these are all handmade, by me!



Carry the Eiffel Tower with you for a slight touch/feel of Paris wherever you go.



Dolphins for freedom. Blue for calmness. =)



Deadly Ninjas shall take over your mobile phones.



For the sweet and kind hearted.


Blonde chick for your phone, sir?


Anyone interested? Hehe…

Monday, 23 July 2012

Little Poodle

Finally, after a week, it’s done. Finally.

Of course, I took really looooonnngggg breaks in between. In total I’d say I probably used only a few days(only?!) to design/write pattern/trial and error(the most hated part) and finally come up with the finished product.

It turned out so much cuter than expected! Very happy with what I did here.
Little Poodle stares into your soul. *stare*

Okay that’s just lame of me.

Such a small little thing but has so many parts and details. Argh!

20120723_174019 Side view
20120723_173947 butt view.

If you like it, feel free to send me a message on Facebook to place an order. Remember to check out Catnip Crafts! (and like the page if you haven’t already! ;P )

Mini photo-shoot for my fur kids

Scroll through my phone and you’ll see that my album consist mostly not of countless camwhore self-shots, nor scrumptious food pictures, but of cats and dog photos.

Personally, I think they make the best shooting subject. And I adore how photogenic animals are. Cats, they have this look in their eyes that tells you that there is more to it than meets the eye. They aren’t just furballs. They are actually pretty intelligent creatures behind those cuteness. Dogs, if you look close enough into their eyes, you’ll see the most innocent soul, ultimate kindness, the purest love and loyalty.

I took a lot of pictures. But instead of dumping the whole lot, I’m only going to post a few selected ones here.

Feast your eyes on these beauties!

~*~*~ Haezal ~*~*~


~*~*~ Callie ~*~*~


~*~*~ Mystie ~*~*~


All photos are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S Advance. No edits, no Photoshop. =)

I also compiled a few really cute photos of Callie and Mystie and made a little story out of it. Hehehe...hope it warms your heart.

Click the image for a bigger picture.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Blog revamp

Yes, I’m too free.

Semester breaks are meant for bored university students to do all sorts of lifeless shit anyways. Or so, I assume.

Anyway, quite happy with what I’ve done to my blog. Feels so much more personalized and ‘myself’ now. It’s that feeling, that need for making the page ‘our own’. A feeling that all bloggers could understand, I supposed.

I must say, mine isn’t half as good as what my friend did on her blog. Blame it on my willing heart and lazy physique (is this word even correctly used?) + lack of determination.

Anyway, the major changes:


New header! Honestly, this is my favourite part cause I drew everything personally. Check out the Bulbasaur and M&Ms.


Instead of the default ‘About Me’ section, I have decided that all people need to see is a picture of me imagining myself as a human.

Yes, I’m finally admitting to the world that I am actually a cat.


Made a new favicon, featuring a brown cat, me.


This is roughly how it looks now, as a whole. As you can see around you, obviously. Why do I even bother including a picture of this. Funny.


Changed my Facebook timeline cover as well.

I’m happy. =)