Monday, 2 November 2015

Hi, I graduated.

Me and my best buddies in UPM <3

The one and only best best friend~ <3

So I have a degree in BSc. (Hons) Cell and Molecular Biology...
What do I do with it? :'D

Saturday, 12 September 2015

YOLO Penang Trip for CF Mini 2015

Hello~ It's been awhile. But I'm back!

Took a pretty YOLO trip to Penang last weekend with my friends. Second time this year going outstation for a cosplay event. Must say the entire trip felt super tiring but super epic as well, cause we D2MC pulled off some pretty YOLO shit (or at least in my opinion I think we did).

As usual, I prefer to let pictures do the story telling! XD

Day 1 of CF Mini
We did our mafia Dota 2 again, after our first debut during Animangaki. But this time round only 4 of us instead of the whole team. Got to see Grace's Luna cosplay though which was really nice!

Anti Mage gets the girls! XD

Photos by Clonix

We finally met Adrian too!

D2MC members fighting it out! <3

Day 2 of CF Mini
This is where we go all out and YOLO. Woke up really early in the morning to paint ourselves a totally different colour. Cause we debuted the 3 supports on that day.

Witch Doctor

Oh yeah, look at it go!

Attending an event is not complete till we take stupid pictures with our loved ones. <3
Behold, the girls of D2MC hahahahaha

Full team, ready to gank!

Photos by Razrig

Before heading home, met Aris and his friends so we ate chendol together :D

Okay, too lazy to say much so that's all~ Hopefully I will find the strength to update my blog more often. XD

Thursday, 23 July 2015

24th Birthday post

Me and my husbando, Slark

As I grow older, the less I bother with my own birthday. Honestly, when my friends asked me out for a nice dinner a day before my birthday, I didn't even thought for a second that it was for my birthday(and another friend of ours whose birthday is on the 22nd, one day after mine).

When they brought out the cake, it took me a moment to realize, 'OMG, it's my birthday tomorrow!'

Same thing happened that day when my mom asked if there was any fancy food or restaurant that I wanted to eat on Tuesday and I was thinking in my head, 'why so sudden?' and then after awhile only realized that Tuesday was my birthday.

Anyway, I don't have much to say except that I didnt expect anything at all for my birthday but am truly grateful to have such thoughtful people around me. <3

Actually, I guess I just wanted to post this selfie with my birthday gift from my friends. It's one of those really rare times that I cry when recieving a gift cause I couldn't contain how happy and how touched I am.

Oh, Slark~ <3

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

How to: Don't Starve - Traps!

Most people get the misconception that if you are going to hunt something, you will need to fight it and kill it.

While that could be done, there are actually easier methods to hunt or gather certain resources - via the use of traps.

There are in general, 3 kinda of traps - traps, tooth traps, bird traps.

Traps are craftable using 6 grass and 2 twigs, under the survival tab. Baits (food items) can be placed under traps, but is not advisable as it is a waste of precious food items, since they are scarce. Instead, there are other ways to trap your prey without the use of bait. Any form of trigger by animals will cause the trap to fall. When a trap falls, it may successfully catch a creature, or it may also fail, in which you would need to reset it.

a trap with a prey in it

Rabbits give morsels when killed, and 2 rabbits and a twig could be used to craft rabbit earmuffs - a clothing item that can help you keep warm during winter.

Rabbits spawn from rabbit holes. At dusk, or when they are scared, rabbits will run back to their holes. This means that traps can be placed on the rabbit hole itself. When dusk arrives, rabbits will run towards their holes and trigger the trap.

Similarly, you can place a trap on rabbit holes, and scare a nearby rabbit. It will run towards the rabbit hole and trigger the trap. A bait can also be place in line with the trap, so that when a rabbit moves towards to bait, it will trigger the trap since they walk in a straight line to their targets.

However, chasing a rabbit back towards the rabbit hole takes more practice as the direction and position of the player, rabbit and trap all makes a difference. This also applies for putting the bait in line with traps. Hence, the simplest method would be to simply set a number of traps on a number of rabbit holes, as the catch rate can be 100% if you place it right.

Spiders give silk, gland, and monster meat which are all very useful items required for making other things. Since spiders are aggressive creatures, it is often troublesome to fight them since they will attack you.

The use of traps enables you to safely and easily farm all these drops from spiders without the need to risk your health.

All you need to do is make a few traps, don't even need any food bait for this. To help you gauge, if the spider den you are trying to farm from is tier 1, 1 trap is sufficient; if its tier 2, then make 2 traps; and so on. This is because when u go near the spider den, the number of spiders that emerge each time depends on the level of the spider den. If it is at tier 2, 2 spiders will emerge when u go near the den.

The moment u go near (on the sticky surface around the spider den), spiders emerge and will chase you. As you walk away from the den, place a trap in your path (or have it placed before hand, either way is fine) and walk through the trap. Spiders will chase you in a straight line and will trigger the traps in their path.

Simply collect the sprung traps to obtain whatever loot that was supposed to drop if you would've killed the spider. This ensures an easy and efficient way to farming silk and glands without having to put on any armor, weapons, or risk hurting yourself.

Friday, 24 April 2015

How to: Surviving in Don't Starve

Previously I made a post on the things you need to do to establish a good start in Don't Starve. Here's part II - tips for surviving.

So now you have a base with a fire pit and Science Machine.

Next, make an Alchemy Engine. Essentially, Alchemy engine is also a science machine but a higher tier one. It will unlock even more recipes which will help you in your survival. To make an alchemy engine, you will need 4 boards, 2 cut stones, and 6 gold nuggets/2 electrical doodads (RoG). To make boards and cut stones, simply go to the 'Refine' tab near the science machine and refine these items. In RoG, electrical doodads are needed for crafting alchemy engine. Electrical doodads are found under the 'Science' tab and can be made by using 2 gold nuggets and 1 cut stone.

[1] Gathering
To make things easy, first of all, make yourself a backpack (4 grass, 4 twigs). Backpack gives you extra 8 slots in your inventory, which makes gathering that much more convenient! Common food stuff that you can gather includes carrots, berries, seeds, mushrooms and birch nuts (RoG). For meat items, you can kill rabbits for morsels or spiders/hounds for monster meat. You can also kill other animals like Gobblers (that annoying turkey that steals your berries) for drumsticks. But I wouldn't recommend this as Gobblers run quite fast and you would end up wasting a lot of time chasing it down.

Cooked food normally have better stat restoration than raw food. Do take note on mushrooms because eating a certain type of mushroom raw/cooked will give you different effects! Here's a simple summary on mushrooms:

- Green mushrooms
Comes out during dusk, buried in the day and at night.
Raw: restore hunger, minus a lot of sanity! never eat this mushroom raw, seriously. Unless you wanna decrease your sanity on purpose, which I wouldn't recommend for beginners...
Cooked: minus 1 hp, but increases sanity

- Blue mushrooms
Only comes out at night, buried during the day and dusk.
Raw: restores health and hunger, but decreases sanity
Cooked: decreases health, increases sanity

- Red mushrooms
Comes out in the day, buried at dusk and at night.
Raw: restore hunger, but decreases health
Cooked: adds 1 hp, decreases sanity

[2] Planting
Make a shovel. Now when you go out gathering supplies, dig up berry bushes, saplings and grass. Bring them back and plant them around your base, for easy gathering of resources in the future. For berry bushes and grass, you will need to fertilize them after transplanting them. Here's where you will need to pick up poop from beefalo. :)
A fun tip: If you find a pig village, they often have a different type of berry bushes. It's essentially the same thing but they look cooler. You can steal these and plant them near your base too!

The cool ones found in Pig villages

[3] Farming
You will need lots of poop for this. With Science Machine, you will be able to craft basic farm using 8 grass, 4 poop, and 4 logs. Seeds which you've picked up can be planted in the farm. You can either wait for them to grow or fertilize it to hasten the process using poop/rot (rot is obtained from spoiled food items). With an alchemy engine, you can craft improved farm using 10 grass, 6 poop, and 4 rocks. Crops in improved farms grow faster than those in basic farms. Similarly, you can fertilize them to make it even faster. If you can afford it, craft improved farms without making any basic farms.

*I'm used to referring to manure as 'poop', cause, they are. When I say poop, I mean manure. Heh.

[1] Bee box
Crafted under 'Food' tab, using 2 boards, 1 honeycomb and 4 live bees. To obtain honeycomb, you will need to break down an existing bee hive. To catch bees, you will need to make a bug net using 4 twigs, 2 silk and 1 rope (refined from grass). Plant flowers around the bee box for the bees to make honey. The more flowers you have, the faster the bees will produce honey. Honey is a very good food item as it can be stored for a relatively long time, and can be used to make honey poultice.

[2] Crock pot
Also under 'Food' tab. You can make this using 3 cut stones, 6 charcoals, and 6 twigs. You can get charcoal by setting evergreens on fire, and chopping it down after it is burnt. Crock pot allows you to combine 4 food items to make food with better stats. Simply combining ingredients will end up with wet goop, which does not restore any points to any stat. Here's a crockpot simulator which is super helpful for cooking using a crockpot.

this is the yummiest recipe you can make in crockpot, trust me. :P

[3] Drying rack
Can be crafted using 3 twigs, 2 charcoals, and 3 ropes. This drying rack isn't for clothes (lol), its for meat! Meat items (raw) can be hung onto drying racks, and will become jerky after some time. Compared to raw or cooked meat, jerkies can be kept for a longer period of time before going bad.

Basic protection
There are many wearable items that will give you different amount of physical damage protection. For me, personally, I would recommend a log suit and spear. The materials are easy to gather and they give a reasonable amount of basic protection. Making a log suit requires 8 logs and 2 ropes, while making a spear requires 2 twigs, 1 rope, and 1 flint. You don't have to wear these all the time. Equip them when you are about to engage in a fight or forsee that something is coming to attack you (hounds, for example). Take note that, when you equip the log suit, you will drop your backpack.

The next Don't Starve tutorial will be a detailed guide on making a bee box and establishing a bee farm.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Animax Carnival 2015

So, Animax Carnival 2015...

Day 1

Went as Krobelus the Death Prophet from Dota 2. Literally finished rushing my Fluttering Mortis just the night before the event.

Really happy that people actually know where I'm from! I still get this little thrill inside when people ask 'you're Death Prophet from Dota 2 right?' I feel like, 'yesss a fellow Dota 2 playerrrr <3'

Sadly, I didn't meet everyone I wanted to meet.. couldn't look out for people cause I was half blind the whole day. My lenses were not only 0 degrees (I need 400 :P), it was white screened too. So on top of not having the power I needed, there was an extra layer blocking my view. I'm not sure if I have ignored people who smiled/waved at me. If I did, please know that I'm not ignoring you on purpose!

Sexy Juggernaut

Really happy to see my fellow dota 2 cosplayers. Sorry though, I don't have any really nice pics of all of us.. T-T

Day 2

Went as Konata Izumi from Lucky Star.

After cosplaying Dota 2 characters so much recently, I must say that I felt a bit bare being in a simple school uniform. *I need armor for protection*

Still, a BIG THANK YOU to my Hiiragi sisters for being with me <3.

My derpiness is high in this one...

Honestly though, I'm not entirely satisfied with my Konata cosplay. Felt like I'm a little too old for such a cute character. Plus, my costume and wig wasn't as perfect as I wanted them to be. The wig is a shade too light, my uniform is a shade too light, and the ribbon that came with the uniform was wrong so I had to make one at the very last minute which was quite horribly done.

My sincerest apologies for letting this happen. *cries in a corner*

Plus, I honestly felt really awkward having to be 'cute' as Konata. I felt like I was out of place, awkward, and just a little lost. Took me a long time to gather what little cuteness I have in me now that I'm so old. Well I guess that's what you get for cosplaying a character 8 years younger than you.

...and then I managed to be young for a short while.
How old do I look in this picture?

Ooh, and there's Oo-kun too! The blue cat, it's so cute. At first I couldn't comprehend why everyone was so crazy over it. But after taking the Oo-kun balloon, I think I get it now. Plus, I must admit, that balloon did, somewhat helped me get into character. :P

Monday, 23 March 2015

Major All Stars!!!

Major All Stars, the biggest Dota 2 tournament in SEA with a starting prize pool of $100,000 organized by Fallout Gaming, happened on the 20th-22nd March 2015.

And I am proud to say that I was lucky and blessed enough to be a part of this historical and amazing event.

My team, D2MC was invited to cosplay for the tournament.

The event lasted for 3 days. There were hiccups on the first day as they had problems with burnt cable and the matches had to be cancelled for the day. It was pretty messed up but by day 2, everything was back, matches were being played smoothly, we had a clear schedule for our appearances, etc. It was near perfection.

I'm gonna let the pictures do most of the story-telling.

My D2MC family <3...

We do crazy stuff like ballet dancing.

Play 1v1 in costume :3

I find this picture pretty epic...

inb4 I'm playing with myself... *huehue*

Our job includes taking pictures with event goers

And fighting Roshan (Riki took the aegis)

And we got the chance to take selfies with Dota 2 legends <3

Dendi <3

I still can't get over how cute Era is.

D2MC at the after party

We had so much fun bring a part of this huge event. This is truly a big step for e-sports in SEA, especially Malaysia! Props to every party involved - organizers, sponsors, players, etc. who made Major All Stars happen. You guys rock!

Once again, I love my team. I love D2MC. I just wanna say this over and over again because, dayum, you guys are awesome! 

Friday, 13 March 2015

How to: Bloodstone

Sorry for the long hiatus, been busy juggling so many things that I'm trying to handle all at once. Nonetheless, here's a quick, simple tutorial to make up for it. Been meaning to post this for awhile now but haven't found the time to until now.

So, Dota 2 Bloodstone. Made this to carry around when I cosplay Death Prophet. Unfortunately, so far, I forgot to bring this the both times I cosplayed Krobelus.

+500 HP
+400 Mana
+9 HP Regeneration
+200% Mana Regeneration
...and pocket suicide

To make one for yourself, here's what you'll need:
  • Foam sheets
  • Glue, Scissors
  • Acrylic paint, Clear lacquer
Cut this shape out of your foam sheets. You'll need 6.

Align 2 pieces back to back and glue them together.

 (A) Cut a triangle to cover the top and bottom. You will need a total of 6 pieces for the whole Bloodstone. 

(B) Cut a rectangle to cover the curve in the middle. You will need a total of 3 pieces. 

(C) Cut 2 small rectangles to cover the remaining space/opening. You will need a total of 6 pieces.

Glue all of them down into position, as shown in the picture. Trim the excess on (B).
*My apologies for not having a clearer picture. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll try to answer/explain more clearly.

As usual, lightly burn the sides, push the ends in and gently press with you fingers to give the edges a smoother finish.

Paint it red with acrylic paint. Or you could also spray paint it, if you wish.

Cover with a coat of clear lacquer.

And now you have extra 500 hp, 400 mana, added 9 hp and 200% mana regen!
Have fun~

Saturday, 21 February 2015

How to: Don't Starve - A comprehensive guide for starting out in Don't Starve

Day 198, with surplus of food, a comfortable and established base. Doesnt seem like I'm dying anytime soon.

Most people feel that it's difficult to survive in Don't Starve. That is not true. As long as you know how to make full use of resources, know when to do what/when not to do what, plan your schedule (yes because walking and exploring takes a hell lot of time) and more, you'll be surviving Maxwell's harsh, cruel world like a boss.

I previously made a tutorial on how to get rid of killer bees here. You can check it out if you ever need to clear a large amount of killer bee hives.

A bit of back story..
When I first started playing this game, no one thought me what to do. But I kept playing because I liked the Tim Burton art style of this game, and how challenging it is. In my first game, I barely survived one day, as I was killed by Darkness. Subsequently, I survived 3 days, 5 days, and I see myself surviving more and more days as I played. It was difficult because no one taught me what to do. No one gave me any tips on surviving anything - hound attacks, winter, keeping my stats up, etc. I learned everything the hard way through lots of reading and experimenting myself. But I'm going to share some tips with you, and hopefully the game won't be as punishing for you as it was for me.

Starting out in Don't Starve...
The first thing you need to look out for would be flint and twig.


This is because you will need 1 flint and 1 twig to make an axe, which will be needed to chop down trees (and birch trees in RoG). You will absolutely need to chop down trees asap because you would need to make fire for the night, as staying in complete darkness will cost you your life. After making an axe (tools tab), chop down evergreens, as well as collect grass. You will need 2 logs and 3 grass to make a campfire.

Gather whatever resources you can as you go, especially food items that you will easily (normally) find around the place you spawn on day 1. These include carrots, berries (on berry bushes), and seeds. Try to gather as many rocks and gold nuggets as well, as you will need these to establish a base. To gather rocks, make a pickaxe (also in tools tab) by using 2 twigs and 2 flints, and then mine boulders. 
Type 1 gives you only rocks.
Type 2 gives you rocks, nitrile and flint.
Type 3 gives you rocks and gold nuggets!

The map is revealed as you explore the area, like in World of Warcraft and many other games. Try to walk and uncover as much area as you can, asap. There are many types of biomes in Don't Starve; the one you should find asap before settling down/creating your base, would be Savanna, with Beefalos. This is quite important for survival as beefalos drop poop (manure) which has many purposes. It can be used as fuel for fire, to make farms, and to fertilize crops and plants.

Once you have found a Beefalo biome, set up permanent camp nearby (not directly beside beefalo herds or in the middle of them, as when beefalos go in heat, they will be aggresive). To set up a permanent camp, start with a fire pit which is made by using 2 logs and 12 rocks (this is where you need a lot of rocks!). Then, proceed to making a Science Machine (under science tab) using 4 rocks, 4 logs, and 1 gold nugget. Having a Science Machine will unlock more recipes. To make something, gather the required materials and prototype it at the Science Machine.

Hope this is helpful! The next blog post will be on more tips on how to survive and maintain your stats. :D

Saturday, 17 January 2015

How to: Simple Potion Bottles

I'm gonna share with you here on how to make these cute little potion bottles. They are great as props for cosplay, especially for many MMORPG characters since many MMOs have potions. Otherwise, they make pretty cute decorations as well!

I made these for my Maple Story cosplay group.

Red potion and Blue potion

What you'll need:
1. Empty glass bottle

Any glass bottle works fine, in general. But I recycled these tiny bottles used to contain coloured contact lenses. We cosplayers have many of these and I use to just keep all of them in a corner cause they looked cute. I supposed most people throw theirs away? 
But now you can find a new use for them instead of throwing them away!

 2. Strips of EVA foam

Every single prop I make is either completely made out of EVA foam or parts of it will definitely be EVA foam. EVA foam is just incredible. <3

*PS: if you have corks, I guess that's an even better option. But if you don't, just use EVA foam like I did. EVA foam/craft foam can be found in many stationery shops/craft stores.

And here's how you make potions!
For standard coloured contacts bottle size, and using 2mm thick EVA foams, cut your strip into 2cm x 7cm pieces. 

Step #1:

Roll the strip of foam into a cylinder. Secure it with UHU or whatever glue you work with normally. For a smoother finish, heat the top and gentle press it a little.

Step #2:

Throw away the rubber cover. Clean your bottle. Make sure it is dry especially the inner surface. Using acrylic paint, colour the insides of the bottle with the desired colour. Allow it to dry. Hold it over the light to ensure that all surfaces are covered evenly. 

Step #3:

Paint your rolled up foam in a mixture of brown, or whatever shade you desire. This may take awhile to dry, so be patient. It is good to spray/cover it with clear lacquer after as the paint may peel of easily otherwise.

Step #4:

Assemble your potion bottle, and it's done!

My Maple Story cosplay group, where I cosplayed as Flame Wizard, Oz.

Nineheart: "As royal advisor, I propose that we reward Noblesses with a choice of either red and blue potion when they complete the quest."
Hawkeye: "I say we should give out both to the pretty ones." *cheeky smile*

For a list of tutorials I have on my blog so far, check this page out.