Sunday, 16 April 2017

The making of Windranger's Bow of the Sun Vine

First of all, this is not a detailed tutorial. It's just a very simple guide. If you already have basic knowledge in prop-making this should be a piece of cake for you. It should be helpful in giving you an idea of how to form your bow (regardless of whether it's this bow or some other bows) especially if you plan to make it travel-friendly.

Can't make this a very detailed guide cause I didn't really take enough photos. Plus, this was a very rushed work for a cosplay appearance job recently so I would say it's not exactly my best work (don't wanna teach you crappy work hehe). I completed this whole bow from planning to finished product in 2 nights (collectively probably 7-8 hours). Only had time to do it after I get home from my day job.

So. First of all...
To make awesome props, you need a Propmaker Dog.

My very own Propmaker Dog, Mystie. Here you can see her tracing the pattern onto EVA foam.
*She the one who makes all my cosplay props!

Okay just kidding.

First you'll need to construct both sides of the bow.

I made both sides separately so that it is easier to pack for conventions/travelling. They are connected by a pipe connector in the center.

Paint them, shade them.. don't forget the details!

Assemble it and wrap brown PU leather around the handle.