Sunday, 2 October 2016

Overwatch dolls~

I don't play Overwatch, actually. Sure wish I do, though. But I suffer from motion sickness and I just thought spending 60USD that I do not have for something that I might not be able to enjoy long at all might not exactly be worthwhile. Still. I really like the character designs and the game seems fun! Maybe I'll try it soon with someone else's account huehue.

Anyway, a friend commissioned me to make these~

D.Va and Ana

Tbh, I am rather proud of these girls! I really like how cute D.Va turned out to be. I hope I did her in-game look justice! I'm happy with the details I manage to include for Ana too! It sure wasn't an easy feat to recreate Ana as an amigurumi doll since her in-game clothes are so complicated with so many details! But it was really fun and challenging to make them anyway~

One of the most special thing about this commission was that, I made their mini weapons~ It took quite some time considering how small it is. It was really hard to handle as well because of its size! I had paint and glue all over my hand when making these LOL.

Materials used for mini weapons: EVA foam of various thickness (2mm, 5mm, 10mm), metal wire, toothpick °°, hot glue, acrylic paint, and clear lacquer spray. 

Sorry there isn't a complete tutorial or visual guide for this.. I made them free hand and just cut as I went along. 

D.Va's gun. I forgot to take a picture of Ana's biotic rifle..

Please note that these mini weapons are not included when you purchase D.Va or Ana doll from me~ BUT. BUT. If you absolutely, desperately need it, you can still commission me to make it separately as a prop for the dolls you purchased from me! Downside is, I will charge separately, accordingly.. (personally wouldn't recommend it lel) Please understand that it is really too much work and so meticulous my eyes were literally like *_*

If you're interested to commission me for amigurumi dolls of your favourite characters, please PM The Craftsroom. Thank you~