Thursday, 7 March 2013

烧卖先生 Mr. Siew Mai

Mr. Siew Mai

Inspired by yesterday's lunch. Went for dim sum with my coursemates. Had time to kill before lab so I made this.

... ...

Also, I kinda think my boyfriend looks like a siew mai. :O

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tako Sushiiiiii

Cute and delicious tako sushi!
Too bad it's not edible. :\
You can still eat it though, if you don't mind swallowing yarn.

Made of: baby tako (octopus) sitting on a shy makizushi (rolled sushi). :3

Made it during my free time in between classes(in the library!).

Also, I entered this into an amigurumi contest on deviantart. If you're interested, you can check out my deviantart here.

Design, pattern and whatnot are all original. As usual. Hehehe.

Photo collage made with photovisi.

Pretty darn happy and satisfied with this project.

So, let's eat! いただきます!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Baby Velociraptorrrr

The main reason why I made this was because for one of my classes in uni, my group was called 'Velociraptors' and we were asked to make our logo stand.

Instead of being conventional, printing it out and sticking it on a board or something, I made this.

Baby Velociraptor trying to wake the giant cat!

Second reason I made this is because I googled 'velociraptor amigurumi' the other day and only got 2 relavant results. So I suppose we need more crocheted velociraptor on the internet so I shall contribute. LOLOL.

Anyway, pattern is completely original. I'm pretty darn happy with how cute he turned out to be. Hehe..

Trying to lift the tail...

Close up on baby Velociraptor: "The tail is too heavy!"

He's so cute he deserves a name, definitely. But I can't think of any. Suggestions, anyone? :)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Jellyfishes and cupcake!

Happy colourful jellyfishes! I'm pretty glad with the way they turned out. :)

Lovely cupcake. <3
Sometimes I feel like eating the food I crochet.

These are some orders by my coursemates.

Thanks for the support! <3

Thursday, 7 February 2013


This is so frustrating!

Apparently Tumblr doesn't allow you to switch your secondary blog to your primary blog. So before things get worst and out of hand, I've decided I should export and back up my posts and reimport them to Tumblr after deleting and recreating a new account.

After all the hoo-hah, turns out I still have to repost them one by one.

So. reposting. One by one. Thank god there aren't many.

Also, no longer exists.

Only my gaming blog remains(same url). And will do up my crochet blog next time, when I make up my mind properly about whether to put it as a primary blog in another account or a secondary blog in the current account cause Tumblr fucking doesn't allow people to change their secondary blog to primary blog.

Which is kind of stupid. No offence, Tumblr.

-End of rant.-

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Girlfriends and wifes

Here’s something I saw on Facebook. It was circulated and shared around.

女孩:老公,在干嘛呢? 男孩:泡妞呢,呵呵。 
男孩:喝酒呢, 你呢。
女孩:哦,我没事,就是想你了 ,少喝点儿,别喝难受了  

女孩:我们分手吧。。。 男孩:为什么?  
Week 1 of relationship
girl: hubby. what are you doing? did you miss me?
boy: missing you. did you miss me?
girl: dummy, of course i’m missing you.
boy: really?
girl: of course, hehe
boy: *smooch*
Week 2 of relationship
girl: hubby, what are you doing? have you eaten?
boy: i’m drinking, have you eaten?
girl: not yet. i’m missing you. i’ll go eat in awhile. hehe
boy: hehe, go eat, quick. don’t starve.
girl: okay. i know. i’ll go now. remember to miss me.
boy: i know. go eat quick.
Week 3 of relationship
girl: hubby, what are you up to?
boy: having fun with a girl. hehe
girl: hmph. go have your fun then.
boy: hahahaha, i’m teasing you
girl: you always reply my messages late.
boy: i’m playing games
girl: okay. don’t be too late, rest early. i’ll go sleep first.
boy: okay. good night
Week 4 of relationship
girl: hubby, what are you doing?
boy: make a guess?
girl: can’t guess. :(
boy: i’m drinking
girl: oh. i’m alright. i just miss you. drink lesser, don’t make yourself uncomfortable.
boy: alright, don’t worry
week 5 of relationship
girl: hubby, what are you doing? drinking again?
boy: yeap, it’s the end of the year. lots of party(not sure bout this one).
girl: oh
boy: you?
girl: missing you. don’t drink too much. i’m worried about you
boy: don’t worry, wifey. nothing will happen.
girl: okay. i’ll go sleep first. you should get home early
Week 6 of relationship
girl: hubby?
boy: ? what’s up?
girl: let’s break up…
boy: why?
girl: you’re always busy with other things. you never think of me. you only think of me once in awhile.
boy: that’s not true. when i have time i’ll go over and see you, okay?
girl: there’s no need. waiting for time to past is a really bad feeling.
boy: why don’t you come find me then.
girl: i’m sick
boy: then take some medication, drink more water, and rest at home, don’t go out. i’ll come see you in a few days, alright?
girl: okay.

the girl feels extremely down, and became disappointed as time passed: hubby, i hope you find a better girl. best wishes, the one you loved.
from then on, the girl’s cell phone could no longer be reached. the boy could only feel sad, for love, has been lost.

好多情侣在交往 ,只有一方在无谓的付出,这样会使一再付出的那一方感觉很累的,恋爱是两个人的事,光靠一方是经营不起来的,就算在一起能呆一个月,三个月,还是五个月,结果肯定还是一样的。有的人错过了就不会再有了,在一起的情侣们,你们要多替对方想一想,不要总是以自己为中心,让对方顺着你走,性格再好的也会受不了的。。。也许哪天你回想起来,你错过了的不止是一个人,而是你一辈子的幸福。。。有同感的请转发,相信你会很幸福的,也希望你能把这种幸福传递下去,让更多的人懂得珍惜,幸福一辈子。為什麼就是有這樣的人不懂的去珍惜你,珍惜你的你又愛理不理人為什麼那麼犯見賤

First of all, to people who out there who shared this post with their other half(especially girls who showed it to their boyfriend/husbands), hoping that their boyfriends/husbands will start being more romantic and touchy-feely, no offence. Because you may not like what I am about to say. These are merely my opinion. You may choose to disagree, it's up to you. You may be sharing it for the right reasons, or not(“hey honey, read this. I’m sharing this with you because you’re so not sweet! I need you to say sweet things to me all the time and give me all of your attention! Or else, you might just lose me like how this guy lost his loving and caring girlfriend.”).
The messages being exchanged between the couple above is pretty normal. Except the fact that the girl seems to be unable to be independent at all. She doesn’t seem to have her own life, own interests, own things to attend to because all she does is miss her boyfriend. What? The girl also seems to be unable to express her true feelings, as in tell her guy that she needs attention and reassurance(guys don’t catch hints like that, sometimes you have to tell them straight to their face). Also, you break up with a guy because of not getting enough attention? Did you expect to be treated like a princess? Really? As for the guy, how much does he drink, really. How many times a week, man? Kind of overdone, if you ask me. Also, you don’t even bother to check on your girlfriend when she’s sick. That’s kind of an ass move. Forgivable if you’re busy with really important stuff and you can’t get your hands off. But if you’re out partying and drinking, ignoring your sick girlfriend, then you’re an ass.
That’s based entirely on the text messages above. Now, my take on this aspect of the relationship. Specially pin-pointing those out there who expects the unnecessary things from their other half, as mentioned above. What I am about to say isn’t directed for the author of the Facebook post, nor it is directed at the couple in the story. It is directed to people(especially girls) out there who become unrealistic and unreasonable when being in a relationship.

#1: You can't expect your honeymoon period to be permanent. Its simply unrealistic. I do strongly believe that no matter how many years into your marriage, you need to keep the flames burning, you need to put in effort to make things work, make things lasts. But not this way that many girls out there expect from their man. Imagine this. 10 years down the line, you want a husband who knows how to keep a proper and stable job, support the family, cater for you and your children's needs. You want a husband who knows how to come home every night and be there for moral and financial support whenever you need it. You don't need a husband who only knows how to spend all his money on buying you gifts and cute little things, instead of investing them to make more, saving them for your child's education, for a rainy day, for the family. You don't need a husband who is a helpless romantic who skips work, whisks you away on a secret honeymoon, and screw the world with you. No, that's not being charming and sweet, that's being irresponsible. And it only works in novels and movies.

#2: Is 'he is not giving me enough attention' really a good reason for break up? The conversation above shows how shallow the girl is. Sure, the guy is probably not attentive enough. But is he cheating? No. Is he getting himself involved in illegal stuff? No. So what did he do wrong? Men will be men. I know we girls get attracted to all the romantic stories and dream of the day we would find a man like that. No. Stop dreaming. If a man like this ever exists, he is either gay or a complete fraud (No offence to the very few rare ones in the world who are actually dreamy like that). Like I said before, you don't want a husband who gives you 24/7 attention but does not know his role and his responsibilities.
 Desktop Backgrounds · Animal Life · Kitten | Cat | Big cat <br /> Cats love
#3: This line: '在一起的情侣们,你们要多替对方想一想,不要总是以自己为中心,让对方顺着你走,性格再好的也会受不了的。。。' (Translation: Couples out there, you should be more thoughtful for each other, do not always only focus on yourself/your needs, and make the other person follow whatever you want, no matter how patient a person is there will be a day where he/she won't be able to take it anymore...) This line is really true. Girls, instead of always complaining about what our guys aren't doing for us, sometimes we should also think of what we are not doing for them. Apart from being our boyfriend/husband, they also need to be themselves. Of course, when you love someone, they should be your priorities. Boyfriends and husbands should know how to put their girls as one of their main priorities. But that doesn't mean that all he can do from then on is spend all his time and money on you and do nothing else except sweet talk and cuddle you endlessly. That's a really unreasonable thing to ask from them. Why do people say 'behind every great man, there is a great woman.'? What does that imply actually? Girlfriends, wifes, we should be supportive of our man. We should be understanding, guiding, loving, and supportive. Not demanding, unreasonable, and selfish.

I'm not a perfect girlfriend either. But I'll always strive to be my best. Not because I'm in such bad conditions and has horrible looks or has bad attitude that no one else would ever want me; not because my boyfriend is a super famous, super rich, super handsome trophy that I manage to get and I must keep it away from prying hands. The reasons why I want to be a good girlfriend is because I love him, and I'm doing it for myself. Here's another thing I feel strongly about: If you're going to do anything, do it for yourself, not anyone or anything else. I believe doing my job well, playing my role properly makes me a better and more wholesome person as a whole. That is why I do it. Sure, I fight with my boyfriend as well. We're all merely human. But my main point is, don't get so caught up with all these fairy tales, romance novels and chick flicks. Stop expecting the sky from your man. Think about it, if they wanted the sky from you, could you get it for them? If they threw tantrums all the time because you went shopping with your girlfriends instead of spending time with them, could you stand it?
Guys. Sometimes, we girls just want a little attention because you mean a lot to us. Girls are creatures driven by emotion. Be understanding, loving, patient and give us the protection and reassurance we need.

Relationship = applause. It takes 2 hands to clap. Simple as that.

Friday, 25 January 2013


It's been awhile since I've wanted to play Minecraft.

I can hear how fun it is every time my brother plays Minecraft with our cousin and his friend, while talking through Skype. My boyfriend plays it with his friend too, and tries to show me all these cool things he build. But I never did play after trying it for the first time. Because the first person view and highly pixelated graphics hurt my head... I got so dizzy due to the first person view that I felt sick, like I was about to vomit any moment. Merely watching my brother and boyfriend play was enough to make my head spin.

It's been awhile. And I know I'm missing out on the fun I could be having. I asked my brother if there were alternatives to the way the video graphics are.

And yes, you can play Minecraft in 3rd person view. I knew that before but found it hard to navigate since I couldn't see the things in front of me. Turns out I'm just not used to it and I didn't know how to switch between the camera modes at different situations for easy navigation/movement. Jeremy also made me download a texture pack which made everything in the game look much smoother.

Then, he told me about this site where our cousins designed different skins for everyone. I'm truly amazed at how a few square blocks can look so beautiful and cute when you put the right colours on them! Was really amazed especially at my brother's character skin. It was design by our cousin, Adrian and it was super cute!

I looked through the ready-made skins on the site and couldn't find one that really reflects who I am. So I decided to make one myself. Not bad for a first time, I would say.

Misaki, my Minecraft character.

My cousin sister made drawings of everyone's Minecraft characters and they were all beautiful. (Her drawings are all seriously cute!!) This is her drawing of Misaki:

The drawing of Misaki looks stunning. I love it!!

She asked me what I wanted my character to hold. I didn't want the typical sword/axe/pickaxe/etc. So I told her I wanted to hold a bone. Hmm.

After an hour+ of playing Minecraft with my brother, cousins and friends, I must admit, I feel a little dizzy in my head now. But Minecraft is an awesome game.

And I guess it's something I can condition myself to do. Afterall, as I recall, when I started playing WoW, I felt a little dizzy after playing for hours too. I'll get used to it. The game is too good to give up. :)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ms Pinky Bear

A friend of mine ordered this for his special someone. He asked that I make a bear wearing a pink skirt because pink was her favourite colour.

So here it is! The final product:

Small enough to be held in my palm. Cute? :3

The snout is made of felt. The rest are all crocheted. Pattern used is a modified version of Ana Paula's pattern.

Random pose.

Rnadom pose #2.

And, I don't know why I thought of Ms Pinky Bear. It could've been Pink-skirt Bear, Teddy in Pink, etc...

I have no idea why the first thing that came to my mind was 'Ms Pinky Bear'.

Monday, 21 January 2013


It's been a long time since I baked. 2 weeks into my semester break, I've decided I should do a little baking. Been wanting to since the beginning of my holidays, actually, but I always ended up going out or having other things to do, like crafting or playing games.

So yesterday I finally got to it.


A mini mountain of huge cookies!

Not that I'm praising myself or anything, but the cookies are awesome. Know why? Because they are some of my favourite cookies all rolled into one!

It's a Subway-styled chewy, big, M&Ms filled butter cookie!

The whole family loved it. Dad said it's addictive. My brother said he had a 'mouth-gasm' when he took a bite. :D

So big I had to stack them one by one like this.

Oh here's one of the photos I took during the baking process. It's an egg yolk. Totally random, I know. But don't you think they look so cute without egg white? (If you're wondering why in the world I have a single egg yolk in a bowl, it's because the recipe called for an egg and an egg yolk.)

So smooth, so squishy, so cute. Wanna pop it?

Saturday, 12 January 2013


 Who's that sassy Pokemon?

It's Chikorita!

Okay, you may ignore that.
Anyhoo. My little brother has apparently fallen in love with the chic. He's growing up, alright.

Or maybe it's the sexy wavy hair thing. Dudes dig that, don't they?

So I've decided to make him a Chikorita plushie. The pattern I used is completely original, with no reference from anywhere. Hence, be prepared to see how horrible it is.

Not that horrible at the moment. Yet.

But despite the fact that I did not do justice to cute little Chikorita by making her look like a fat, deformed green thing, I would actually like to cut myself some slack, tap myself on the back and say: "not too bad for a first, eh?"

Unfinished body.

Yes, it's my very first time designing a sewn plush pattern based on absolutely nothing. And only the third time sewing a 3D plush. (I've only made 2 sewn plushies using other people's original/modified patterns. And before that it was all amigurumis and 2D felt plushes. So yeah.)

Chikorita taking shape! Not horrible yet. Even if it was, it's too late to turn back now, isn't it?

 So anyway, it took me a total of 2-3 days to complete it including sketching the pattern, cutting the pieces and a whole LOT of trial and error. Feast your eyes!

Dayum, isn't she a darling?

 If she had a facebook account, this would never be her profile picture.


She's cute even when she's made of pixels and looks blurry...

OMG... What have I done?!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Happy 2013!

I know Christmas 2012 and New Year's day 2013 is over. But heck, it's never too late to give.

I've been wanting to share some amigurumi patterns of mine since last month. Unfortunately due to endless lab reports, presentations, assignments and finals, I haven't had the time to sit down and type out my patterns properly.

I guess I'll share this one first, amongst all the other patterns I plan to share one day. I love Bulbasaur and I'm sure a lot of people can't resist it's cuteness as well.

Hence, I shall spread the love of Bulbasaur. *hysterical laugh*

Anyway, you can check out my post on my amigurumi Bulbasaur <3 before you download the pattern here: Bulbasaur Amigurumi Pattern by CatnipNie

I hope you like the pattern. Remember to credit me if you wish to share the pattern/finished Bulbasaur on your page! Post the link in the comment too! I wanna see~ :D

Have fun! Happy 2013, people!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

A... thing.

Made this when I was supposed to be studying for my last paper yesterday night. Crafts are my escape.

Anyway I have no idea what this creature-thing is supposed to be...

What does it look like to you?

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bulbasaur. AGAIN!

First of all, I apologize for how dead this place is. I've always managed to sidetrack from whatever I promised myself to do. If I told myself to study for my finals (like right now.), I'll sidetrack and end up blogging instead. So, awhile back when I told myself I'll update my blog every single day, I sidetracked. I played games instead.

My finals isn't over yet. ONE MORE PAPER TO GO. This Friday. I can't wait to get it over and done with. 
To celebrate me being alive after the previous 5 papers, I've decided to reward myself by sewing myself a Bulbasaur plush!

Look at him, isn't he just adorable? :3

The basic bulbasaur body shape pattern I used is a pattern by Kurosakou. The bulb, the arms and other small details are my own.

The stitches are a little rough... Will improve on that in time, hopefully.

Okay, back to my lecture notes. :)