Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Blueberry Clafoutis

So today me and my boyfriend finally (FINALLY. We've been talking about this for weeks.) got down to Cold Storage and bought 2 boxes of blueberries, where each box costed RM 10.99. Expensive shit, this one. LOL.

And, after weeks of waiting to try out this recipe by Chef John, I finally got to it today.

In the end I only used one box of blueberries. I was feeling 'kiamsiap', maybe. Anyway, the whole process was pretty simple. Very simple, in fact. The only set back I had was, the plug where I had the oven connected to burnt or something..and my mom and I thought the oven must've kicked the bucket! We sat in front of the oven wondering if the things in there were really cooking cause the lights in the oven were off. What we didn't know was the plug point burnt. Excuse my lack of common sense.

mmmm... =)

Mistakes :
1. The tray is too wide for my batter. The whole clafoutis was so spreaded out, it ended up flatter than it's suppose to be. Which then causes the centre to be really thin, therefore, you can't really taste the custard goodness, unless you concentrate while eating. But then eating isn't rocket science. Fail.

2. Damned blueberries floated to the sides.

Hence(and since I have another box of blueberries left), 2nd attempt tomorrow! =D

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Slice of Birthday Cake

felt birthday cake slice plushie for my grandma.

Strawberry and fresh cream inspired by a craft book titled 不織布可! 造型玩偶&物 109 款.

Made with :
* Felt
* Beads

Friday, 26 August 2011

Non Edible Cupcake

cupcake keychain with a little bell for my awesome girlfriend Peh Ge.

Inspired by some googled pics of cupcake plushies. The rest, original.

Made with :
* Felt
*Ribbon & bell for deco
*Beads and button for sprinkles and 'cherry' (lol brown cherry.)
*keyring. haha.. obviouslyyyy

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


She may seem like a bimbo who only knows how to look pretty at first, but she isn't. If you know her, she's got pretty deep thoughts going on inside her little brain!

3rd cat I created for the We Love Catnip series. Very, very happy with this one. Love how her eyes turned out. I must say, this pair of eyes were the most complicated to make so far. But it turned out really nice!

Made with :
* Yarn
* Felt

"Beauty is only skin-deep. You gotta shine from the inside."

Rexton Cuddles

This is Rexton. The cat with a belly.
He absolutely love hugs!

Another one of my creation. He's the chubby cat with a belly who is never stingy in giving out hugs. A new member in the We Love Catnip gang!

Again, I came up with the whole idea, design, pattern, etc. on my own.

Made with :
* Yarn
* Felt

"With Love, Rexton."

Monday, 15 August 2011

Introducing... Kafiie!

Kafiie, the cat who loves yarn.

I designed and made this cat on my own. No references except Haezal's coat and eye colour (thought they are somewhat different).

More of Kafiie will emerge soon enough... as a plushie, a keychain and much more.

Also, more kitties will be added to the series soon! Yay! *Excited* *Syok sendiri*

Made with :
* Yarn
* Felt

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Red&Black Cubes Earrings!

A pair of earrings made by Catnip.

Not much to say except for the fact that.. I think it goes really well with my Red and Black Cocktail Dress!

On my ear.

Made with :
* Earring hooks
* Metal Rings
* Wooden beads
* Transparent plastic beads

Lil Miss Toothie

Pretty tooth with a ribbon and miniskirt!

Made this for a very dear girlfriend of mine. She makes wonderful crafts and mini food plushies. Check out her blog! (esp. the mini sushi..CUTENESS x 100!) 

Pattern of tooth taken from Knitting Pony. Then I added some personal touch: red felt ribbon and pink mini skirt; and made it into a little handphone charm.

Made with :
* Yarn (white)
* Thread (for eyes and mouth)
* Felt (red - for ribbon)
* Piece of pink fabric (for mini skirt)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Tea Time!

Miniature sized tea cup and chocolate biscuit with vanilla cream. On a handphone strap!

Made this for a friend as a belated birthday gift. I came up with the patterns on my own.. and I'm posting it here to share!

PAUSE AND READ THIS! : If anyone wants to repost/use the pattern, please do credit me(Shaunie Ng). Also, the patterns are for personal use only(eg. for yourself, family or gift for a friend). Please do not sell this pattern or items made from this pattern without my permission!

You will need:
- Yarn
- Felt
- size 3 crochet hook

Chocolate Biscuit + Vanilla Cream

The Chocolate Biscuit (make 2)
Row 1 : sc 6 in Magic Ring (6)
Row 2 : inc all the way around (12)
Slip stitch to finish off, leave a long tail and cut.

The Vanilla Cream
Row 1 : sc 5 in Magic Ring (5)
Row 2 : inc all the way around (10)
Slip stitch to finish off, cut, and weave in ends.

Arrange the layers so that the 'correct side' of the biscuit is on the outside. Using a crochet needle, pull the long tails from one of the brown biscuits, through the vanilla cream and all the way out to the other side. Do the same for the other piece of biscuit. Repeat for both biscuits in opposite directions until the 3 layers are secured in place.

Tea Cup

The Cup
Row 1 : sc 6 in Magic Ring (6)
Row 2 : inc all the way around (12)
Row 3~5 : sc in each stitch (12)
Slip stitch. Then ch 6.(This forms the handle)
Finish off and leave a long tail. Cut.

Using a crochet needle, pull the long tail from inside the cup. You can either weave in the ends, or tie a few dead knots with the long tail from the chain and the long tail left from the magic ring. Stuff everything inside the cup.

The Plate
Row 1 : sc 6 in Magic Ring (6) [leave a long tail]
Row 2 : inc all the way around (12)
Row 3 : inc all the way around (24)
Slip stitch to finish off. Cut and weave in ends(do not weave in the tail from the magic ring).

Using a crochet needle, pull the tail (from the magic ring) into the cup. Go a few rounds to secure the cup in place. Make a dead knot inside the cup. Stuff excess into the cup.

Cut a round piece of brown felt which is approximately 12mm in diameter. Squeeze some UHU glue into the cup, and press the felt in place.


You can use different coloured yarn for variation. You can even make, say for example, strawberry cream biscuits with a cup of hot chocolate(just switch the brown felt to dark brown felt)! And then you can attach metal rings and what-nots. Make it into a keychain, handphone charm, or household items for your dolls, etc.

Have fun and happy crocheting!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Nyan! ♥

Nyan Cat (also known as Pop Tart Cat) is an internet meme, referring to an 8-bit animated gif of a cat with the body of a cherry Pop-Tart flying through space, leaving a rainbow trail behind the cat. (Wikipedia)

Say hello to my version of Nyan Cat! Of course, The Nyan Cat belongs to Chris Torres and Momo Momo.

No measurements, no planning beforehand, just plain estimation and guts. I came up with a Nyan Cat that actually is decently proportionate. =)

Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan ♥

Made with :
* Felt (of many colours)
* Thread (for sewing the parts together)
* Beads (for sprinkles!)
* UHU glue (for the eyes, nose, mouth; and to hold the rainbow strips together)

Cut-up Shirt

I got the idea from watching a video while searching for ideas and tips on altering old clothes.

This WAS an old, rather worn out and definately out of fashion t-shirt(the collar and sleeves were really ugly). I became daring and went to work with a pair of scissors.

This project involves NO SEWING at all! Only lots of cutting, and a little bit of tying.

Front and back of the 'new' shirt.

The cuts.

Another mod-ed tee. Hehe.. This one is casual and cooling(very). I recycled yet another shirt that otherwise would never have had the chance to see daylight! =)

Made with :
* Old, worn out t shirt
* A pair of good scissors
* Guts

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Black Rose Brooch

 As the title says. =)

It's elegant. Goes on almost anything. I personally love this piece a lot.

Made with :
* Black fabric
* Thread (to hold the flower and safety pin together)
* Safety pin


Cut-out Carlsberg cans and Chivas Regal Whisky

'The Bong' in silver grafitti writing

All cut and slowly designed by me. Very happy with what I came up with. Designed and made everything in 4 hours.

It's a mess. LOL

Papers in action.

Anyway, the party was awesome. =)

Made with :
* Papers (of different colours and texture)
* Lots of drawing, cutting
* and web surfing for Carlsberg logo and Chivas label. XD

Friday, 5 August 2011

Mario from Nintendo!

Mario plushie (with keychain on top of his head) that I made! This is suppose to be my boyfriend's birthday present but I only finish it near to 4 months after his birthday.

No, it wasn't because it was hard to make or that I was busy or anything. I was lazy. *slaps myself*

I had to crochet every single part of his body individually. Like even the ears are made seperately from his round head.

Front and Back (check out his ass!).

Mama mia! It's-a me, Mario!

Once again, the pattern is NOT MINE. It belongs to a lady named Linda Potts. =)

Made with :
* Yarn (blue, red, brown, black, white)
* Felt (red, white, blue, black)
* Small buttons
* Thread (lots of sewing during assembly of his body parts)
* Keychain which I added on my own (So he could adorn my boyfriend's bag)

One of my biggest projects ever. I feel rather satisfied looking at the end product now. It's an achievement!

Subway FTW!

I love Subway. =D

A Subway sandwich that I made quite long ago.. The bread part was quite tricky. But the assembling was really fun, feels like I'm putting a real sandwich together, only difference was the ingredients were all felt.

No expiry date. =)

Got the idea from a craft book and modified it a little. I DID NOT CREATE THIS!

Made with :
* Felt cloth (light brown, cream, dark green, light green, dark brown, red, yellow)
* Stitches (hence, needle and thread. Hahaha...)
* UHU Glue (for those times when you're feeling lazy.)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Cocktail Dress

Old (not so), baggy, oversized T-shirts. Too thick and hard to wear as pyjamas as its kind of uncomfortable. Wear them out? Not very fashionable.

But I shouldn't leave them sitting in my closet, not serving its purpose as an attire, right? That would be a waste. Therefore, I made a cocktail dress out of a baggy tee.

I know the dress isn't as beautiful and perfectly sewn as those sold in shops. But I love it cause well, I must say, they look kinda pretty! And just for the fact that it was once a baggy t-shirt, it's amazing how it turned out as a humble little cocktail dress.

I'm quite proud with this piece, really. =) Cause it's my first clothes-making attempt and I learned how to use the sewing machine through this project. Yay!

Made with :
* Old, baggy T-shirt (red and black, for the main body of the dress)
* Semi transparent black coloured fabric (for halter neck ribbon thingy and to make the bottom part look nicer and less t-shirt-y. XD)
* Sewing machine
* Nice black scarf to go around the waist (optional)

Alright, another mod-ed shirt coming up. Soon. Now it's time to WoW!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pac-Man ghost

Pac-man ghost I made with crochet. 
NOT my pattern. Once again, I took the pattern from one of my mom's crochet pattern compilation, which I don't know who the author is. Credits to the person who came up with this.

Anyway, it's cute, isn't it? 2nd crochet project. Took me quite some time but it was worth it. So cute!!

PAC-MAN!!! (Nerd-gasm, as my boyfriend puts it.)

Made with :
* Yarn
* Pattern from a brilliant person
* Size 3 crochet needle

-Ghost in deep thoughts-

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Rotten carrot

My first crochet project. Not much can be said.

Except that it's super cute! And rotten-looking.

Cause I didn't have orange wool so I used brown instead.

Made with :
* Yarn
* Pattern from someone else (NOT mine)
* Size 4 crochet needle