Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Cocktail Dress

Old (not so), baggy, oversized T-shirts. Too thick and hard to wear as pyjamas as its kind of uncomfortable. Wear them out? Not very fashionable.

But I shouldn't leave them sitting in my closet, not serving its purpose as an attire, right? That would be a waste. Therefore, I made a cocktail dress out of a baggy tee.

I know the dress isn't as beautiful and perfectly sewn as those sold in shops. But I love it cause well, I must say, they look kinda pretty! And just for the fact that it was once a baggy t-shirt, it's amazing how it turned out as a humble little cocktail dress.

I'm quite proud with this piece, really. =) Cause it's my first clothes-making attempt and I learned how to use the sewing machine through this project. Yay!

Made with :
* Old, baggy T-shirt (red and black, for the main body of the dress)
* Semi transparent black coloured fabric (for halter neck ribbon thingy and to make the bottom part look nicer and less t-shirt-y. XD)
* Sewing machine
* Nice black scarf to go around the waist (optional)

Alright, another mod-ed shirt coming up. Soon. Now it's time to WoW!


  1. This is totally cool! Good job, darling! :D

  2. thx dear! got something for you next friday =)