Friday, 5 August 2011

Mario from Nintendo!

Mario plushie (with keychain on top of his head) that I made! This is suppose to be my boyfriend's birthday present but I only finish it near to 4 months after his birthday.

No, it wasn't because it was hard to make or that I was busy or anything. I was lazy. *slaps myself*

I had to crochet every single part of his body individually. Like even the ears are made seperately from his round head.

Front and Back (check out his ass!).

Mama mia! It's-a me, Mario!

Once again, the pattern is NOT MINE. It belongs to a lady named Linda Potts. =)

Made with :
* Yarn (blue, red, brown, black, white)
* Felt (red, white, blue, black)
* Small buttons
* Thread (lots of sewing during assembly of his body parts)
* Keychain which I added on my own (So he could adorn my boyfriend's bag)

One of my biggest projects ever. I feel rather satisfied looking at the end product now. It's an achievement!

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