Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Box File Spellbooks!

So here I am, being more Chinese than usual, cosplaying a character from a China mobile MOBA and whatnot.

安琪拉 is my favourite hero from 王者荣耀. When I first started playing the game, I had no idea who to pick and didn't notice that the timer has finished ticking. I was then given a random hero. Guess who I got? ;)

Photo by Uncredited

Then I fell in love immediately.

Long story short, I spam pick her whenever I can. I yolo-ed and decided to cosplay her. Yes, I absolutely have to cosplay all my waifus.

ANYWAY. This blog spot isn't to tell you how much I love 安琪拉 or how I came to deciding on cosplaying her (though I think I did just that XD), it is to show you how to turn an old box file, into a spellbook for 安琪拉!

You can make this for your own 安琪拉 cosplay, make it for keepsakes if you're a fan of 王者荣耀, or simply use it as a reference to make a spellbook for another character.

- Box file
- 1mm/2mm EVA foam
- Hot glue, super glue
- Acrylic paint *you'll need to paint each part before assembly
- Primer / lacquer (depending on your propmaking habit/preference)

Firstly, you'll need an old file, where you need to strip off / tear off / cut off this part:

...Leaving you with this sad shell... hahaha.

Measure your box file, trace your measurements onto your EVA foam. Using hot glue (or whatever glue you prefer to work with), cover your box file with the EVA foam. Cut strips of EVA foam to cover all sides.

Paint the base red and the edges black.

You'll then need to make 2 shuriken-looking thing that looks like this:

Paint the base black and the sides silver. Stick it on both sides of the book. Add the book borders by cutting a piece of foam that looks like this: 

Make sure it fits and covers both sides nicely! Then, paint it black, weather it and give it some depth, before attaching it to the book.

Add 2 silver rectangles on the spine.

Didn't take a photo of the parts before they were painted :( but this photo should give you an idea of how it is supposed to look like.

Then, let the Eye of Sauron gaze upon your soul.

No? Ok.

Measure a circle with diameter of approximately 13cm. Paint it. 

Start with yellow, start from the center, paint the entire piece. Next, with orange, paint a ring with inner diameter of approximately 6cm, and outer diameter of approximately 10cm. Make sure all the shades blend together well so they don't look like a lollipop (?) //wut.

Paint a slit of approximately 1~1.5cm thick, with the 2 edges slowly becoming sharper and fading out slightly. Outline it slightly with black paint. Blend it so it is almost unnoticeable.

Make a dorayaki because you must be hungry by now!

Cut another piece of foam of the same diameter as the first. Wedge a piece of foam of approximately 1~1.5cm thick in the center and stick the edges of the 2 circles together with super glue.

What kind of dorayaki has foam filling??

Cut a long strip of foam and stick it along the sides. I cut mine about 1cm thick. The length should be the circumference of your dorayaki circle.

Paint it silver, weather with black paint, and you'll get something like this:

Make spears out of foam! Make 2 large spears and 2 small spears, once again, paint them before attaching. Don't really know how to put it in words but I hope the pictures below help.

Stick that speared eye of Sauron onto your spell book. Coat the entire book with clear lacquer or whatever you use to coat your props normally. And you're done~

You can use this guide aptly to recreate other spellbooks by changing out the details. Of course, there are many other ways to make a spellbook props. But if you ever need a large one, or running short on time, this is a simple way that you can refer to.

Hope it was helpful to you~ :D

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