Monday, 16 May 2016

Trip to Singapore~

收废站 went on a (quite YOLO) trip to Singapore.

I was gonna wait for my Lightroom to work and touch up my photos before posting them but its still uninstallable somehow, so screw it, I'm just gonna post all the raw photos. After all, I think my OPPO takes wonderful photos without any edits anyway huehuehue...

Brace yourself, this is gonna be one really long post (cuz of the photos I'm about to spam)

Day 1 - Universal Studios Singapore
I woke up and dressed up like a kid (lol). Honestly I was pretty excited cause this was my first time going to Singapore, though Singapore is a neighbouring country. When we reached there were already a lot of people around.

First stop was New York - Where the Sesame Street and Despicable Me stuff are.

Group photo with Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Oscar

They have photographers set up station around all these areas to help you take photos. They'll take a few with their cameras and you can choose to buy the prints complete with a cardboard frame.

Went into the gift shop and picked up some plushies!

Because Cookie Monster is love

My favourite since young has always been Cookie Monster cause I can totally relate to his obsession with cookies.

His face says "Me want cookieeeesss"

If I didn't have to x3 for all the prices of the merchandises there, I would've brought Cookie Monster home.

Me want cookies too!

In the Despicable Me gift shop...

"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!"

My dressing resembles Agnes, so naturally, it was a must for me to take the photo above. :D

Optimus Prime!

This Optimus Prime is seriously cool. I wish my propmaking skills are high level enough to make something grand like this. 

In the Madagascar area...

11 SGD - Gloria's Snack Shack

Trying to follow their poses but I guess one's neck can only stretch so much...



Madagascar characters dancing~


sexy Gloria~

...and the one and only, King Julian!

Then we went to the Far Far Away Kingdom......

A fountain in Far Far Away

Om nom nom

In Hollywood

The Hollywood area has lots of these 'shops' (not actual shops that sells stuff) that are perfect for photography. Hopefully I will have another chance in the future to come here for shooting purposes.

Finally... The obligatory photo with the Universal Studio Globe - some kind of prove that we've been here, I guess XD

Day 2 - Gardens by the Bay
This place is beautiful. Feels pretty peaceful too, maybe cuz of all the flowers and such. But it gets really cold if you stay for long hours. :P

A pretty daisy bush~ hence, selfie dulu (lol)

That's an eagle carved out of wood at the back

You'll find a lot of really nice statues carved out of wood in Gardens by the Bay.

This one in particular, was my favourite. SO MAJESTIC.


Day 3, 4 - lurking around Singapore
Then, I stayed for 2 extra days cause it so happens that my boyfriend was on a working trip in Singapore. We went and visited Zhi Rong, and played Dota 2 on Macs in ZR Lan Cafe. XD

ZR Lan Cafe best lan cafe!

Oh oh, Zhi Rong has this super cool miniature R2-D2 that projects out a working laser keyboard!

Me and my boyfriend went to a hobby shop and opened 3 Pokemon TCG packs. Look at what we caught!

And then we came back to Malaysia. The End. Bye bye.

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