Monday, 23 May 2016

Penang Anime Matsuri 2016

Instead of leaving on Friday like normal people, me and my boyfriend decided to leave on Saturday morning, because we forgot that Saturday was a public holiday and there's no need to go to work LOL.

Stopped to have lunch and take stupid photos, cause that's what sohai couples do~ :D

face mash
such ugly

Nice photo of me by him (somehow he takes really nice photos of me owo)

 And yes, I wore a Rilakkuma dress thingy on PAM day 1. Had an amigurumi doll made after this look with me too.

But when we reached, it was pretty late so well, nothing much was accomplished that day.

... hence...


I debuted my Assistant Mayor Bellwether cosplay, with Mayor Lionheart and Officer Judy Hopps!

Leodore Lionheart, Dawn Bellwether, Judy Hopps
because out-of-character-groufies is a must!

Macam yes photo of our backs taken by Micho

Found Desy as Lina and Miya as TA!

Hi Mr.Deadpool in glasses

Ok ok, I'll take one with you too!

Best friends (before she found out about my evil plan :v)

Thank you Micho for letting us stay at her place for the trip 

Okay that's all. I've got nothing much to say, partly because I am lazy.

Gonna have a proper photoshoot for Zootopia soon. Looking forward to good picturesss

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