Friday, 3 March 2017

Dead chicken and how to get one

Inside a crocodile cage...

Have you ever needed a dead chicken that doesn't smell, doesn't rot and doesn't attract flies? Probably not. But well, I'm gonna teach you how to get (make) one anyway. XD

*I'm too lazy to adjust the lightings/crop and add watermark for every please bear with me if the pictures aren't as nice as you'd expect.. and please do not steal the pics! If you do use it/share this guide, do credit me by linking back to my blog or FB page: Catnipx

You'll need
- Newspaper
- Tape
- Hot glue stick
- Hot glue gun
- Feathers
- Paint
- Fake blood

Get old newspaper. Roll them into 1 large ball (body), 1 medium ball (cut-off head), and 1 small ball (tail). Tape them together in place, Wrap the connecting areas with newspaper until you get this chicken shape:

Broken neck
This is just the base coat before attaching the feathers (you'll need to add more details later on).
Paint the 'broken neck' area using red acrylic paint. Make sure the paint is thick and consistent, and the newspaper printings are properly covered. Using brown and black acrylic, shade the rim of the circle. With white, paint a small circle in the center of the neck area. Allow it to dry.

Get your hands on some good ol' feather dusters! This part is fun because you will need to pull out all the feathers. XD Depending on how big you made your chicken body to be, prepare enough loose feathers to be stuck onto the chicken. Try to stick them in rows - you can arrange and stick them on a long piece of tape before securing it onto the base.

Stick feathers all the way up to the neck area. Arrange them as closely as possible and you should have something like this:

Bloody details
Draw blood! Here's where we make things gory. 

Apply fake blood gently with a brush onto the stems of the feathers, all around the neck area. Acrylic is not recommended here as its consistency will make it look less like real, fresh blood.

Chicken feet
*This was where I started realizing that I need to take more photos if I were to make a tutorial. So from here on, more visuals! :D

First, you'll need to bend a few pieces of wire like so, to make the structure of the feet.

Stick them together and wrap stone clay/paper clay around them. Be generous! Make sure all edges (especially sharp points) are properly wrapped in clay.

Once you're done, leave them to dry. You can add on details like the claws/nails by using a toothpick to lightly scratch a line slightly below the tip.

Paint them!

Shade them so that they look more convincing! Then, leave them to dry.

Attach the feet onto the body of the chicken by poking them into the body (LOL sounds cruel). Secure it with hot glue. And ta-da!!!

Alternatively, you can add extra details like injured patches on other parts of the body.

 And that's it! A dead chicken that doesn't smell, doesn't rot and doesn't attract flies ;)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial you'll probably never ever use.

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