Thursday, 30 March 2017

Making Fake Blood

Ever needed to make fake blood for your cosplays, parties or whatever reason? (For making a dead chicken, check out this tutorial!) Here's a recipe I'd like to share!

Short backstory: I actually looked up the internet for recipes but a lot of the ingredients cannot be easily found in Malaysia. I was rushing for time as this dead chicken was an event prop that I needed the next day. Gathering whatever info there was on the internet and after identifying a few key ingredients, I came up with this! Super cheap and easy to make!

What you'll need:
- red food colouring
- cocoa powder
- water

First, get a container (disposable cause I don't think it will be sunshine and butterflies to wash this thing after lol) and a plastic spoon (disposable preferably, for the same reason).

Scoop about 3-4 spoonfuls of cocoa powder into the container. Pour the entire bottle (25ml) of red food colouring into the mix, and add 1.5 parts of water.

Mix gently with the spoon. It might be hard to melt the cocoa powder so you can choose to use warm water instead of regular tap water.

 Adjust according to your needs. If you need more diluted blood, put more water. If you need more concentrated blood, put less water. If you need clumpy blood, you can try adding corn starch. :D

Once it's well mixed, you should see something like the above. Now you can paint it onto your props and/or costumes. It's perfectly safe and edible too, since ingredients used are all food items.

That's all~ Have fun!

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